Friday, May 4, 2007

Sometimes... you just have to laugh.

I'd like to take this moment to gripe. I posted on a home buying message board seeking advice on what to do if the sellers of a house aren’t out at closing.

Now I remember why I don't post on message boards.

Message boards are a place where the people who don't really know anything... get to pretend they do.

16 people wrote, 'Get a lawyer' or some version of that.

Really? So #16, who wrote the same stuff as the 15 posts before her, did you think I didn't read the previous 15?

#17 broke the trend with, 'Not leaving after escrow is illegal. The sellers wouldn't do something illegal. I wouldn't even worry about it!'

Really? Breaking and entering is illegal but I still lock my doors at night sugar. BECAUSE PEOPLE DO ILLEGAL THINGS!!


Darwin, you and I have to talk. This whole 'Origin of the Species-Survival of the Fittest' idea you've got going - it's just not true. Not only is this chick surviving, she's reproducing! She's having a baby in 8 days according the silly counter on her signature.

I bought some furniture off Craig's List. I found what I thought was a smokin' deal. A dresser, bed frame with mattress & box spring, armoire, and two nightstands for $650. I talked the poor guy down to $400 because well... I'm poor and I'm good at getting people to understand that.

The seller assured me the furniture was 'solid wood'.

It was solid wood.

Particle board is a type of solid wood right? It just has... glue in it.

Actually, two sides are particle board and the other two sides are wood. The front is solid wood as are the drawers. The 50/50 blend is actually an upgrade to my current 80/20 particle board/plastic set.

Come on. It was college. That's how we roll.

6 days to go!

Here's some picts for your viewing pleasure. Honestly, I can't complain for $400. Mike has the bed, so, no pictures:


Jenn said...

Please, PLEASE let me be really mean to your "renters." I'll camp on the front lawn in a tent, and play awful music until the crack of dawn, park behind their car so they can't go to work (if the slackers work at all) and generally be a really big bitch. PLEASE.

Nicole McDonough said...

Niiiice! Your brave to buy that much furniture off the internet. But it is a good deal because I bought furniture for the boys and even the 100% solid crap is $400.

Lizzie said...

Nice furniture. It'll go nice in your new house...after you evict, ummm, I mean, after they move out. :-)

Bekah said...

Thanks Cole, that makes me feel better!