Wednesday, May 30, 2007

God created the earth in 6 days, the least I can do is finish my baseboard in 3 weeks…

I'm a 'cut twice measure once' kinda girl.

A 'paint before prepping', a 'mop before sweeping', an 'assemble before reading the instructions', a 'write a paper before outlining' kinda girl.

Are we clear?

It doesn't help when the man I married ISN'T any of those things.

He pulled out a LEVEL and a TAPE MEASURE to hang a curtain rod!

Meanwhile, Jenn and I stared at him with confused expressions. I was simply planning to hold it in place until Jenn told me it looked even then hit the screw with a hammer until it stuck - or I put a hole in the wall, whichever came first.

I wanted to 'spot' steam clean our furniture.

I wanted to use a roller to paint the crown molding.

I lost

I lost

And I lost again.

He caught me putting my foot in the washer yesterday to push the clothes down so I could squnich another shirt in.

Give me a break! It's a stackable washer/dryer with the capacity of a gallbladder. I'm lucky to get a pair of jeans AND a shirt in there!

He's taken to giving me 'the look'.

No. Not the 'I love her so much look'...

... the 'How on earth did I get stuck with this wacko?!?!' look.

I've been seeing a lot more of it these days.

I have a feeling a lot more of those looks are to come.

I'm supposed to paint the bathrooms tonight. Cover the floor? Who needs to cover the floor?


sewcreative said...

Ugh!!!!! Now I know that you spent your life sleeping while living at home. This confirms it! I'm with Chris. PREP! PREP! PREP! Gee, I can't wait to see the end result of the bathroom.....or can I?

Love, mom

Lizzie said...

C,mon, it's worth the extra effort....or so Randy says anyway :-).

Nicole McDonough said...

Were you birthed from the same mother? Oh, I forgot I'm the OCD one. Preperation is VERY important. Probably more for me because it's methodical and I'm all about that. As long as you count the rolls you can totally paint crown moulding with a paint roller:)

Jenn said...

seriously, i think even he gave ME that look. what do you need a level for?? come'on, bekah. this is why we're friends. imagine if we lived together....everything in our house would be lopsided, and fall apart. :)