Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Wishes...

For Mother's Day this year, all of us kids decided to get a book done with a special note to mom and pops. Here are some of the pages.

*Click on the pictures to take them to full screen.







Lizzie said...

Thanks for all your hard work on that Becks, it came out awesome!!!

sewcreative said...

To all of my children who wrote down your thoughts, THANK YOU!!!!!! I couldn't have gotten a better gift than that. The gripe side of each page was hilarious, but the thoughts you wrote for today blessed my heart incredibly. I'm not sorry that I spanked you boys "everyday" because like Michael said, it gave you the fantastic butts you have today. And I'm sure that by leaving Rebekah's heels and fingernails intact, it has given you the resolve to endure any type of pain possible. (I was simply looking out for the two of you and hoping to build strong character!) And as far as who was my true favorite child? You'll never know. Each of you believed that it was you. Let's just leave it that way.
Thanks for blessing me so much. Love always, mom

Bekah said...

Just admit it already! I AM your favorite!