Thursday, June 28, 2007

10 YEARS!?!?

Has it been 10 years since I asked Lizzy, 'Really? You want to marry him?!?!... Why?!?'


We love Randy!

Thanks for experienced advice. Thanks for the great example you both set.

Congrats to both of you!

Love you lots!

Monday, June 25, 2007

That’s BOSTON to you!

Chris and I had the opportunity to attend the Boston Red Sox game vs. the SAN DIEGO PADRES.

I should have known there would be problems when Downtown was flooded with Red Shirts. I was about ready to slap my fellow San Diegans silly for joining a band wagon..

until I started to hear the 'red shirts' speak...

With Boston Accents.

I pretty sure the whole city of Boston came to see the series.

We had amazing seats (14 rows from third base) in relationship to the field, horrible seats in relationship to our fellow patrons. We had three Padre fans in our section.


In a sea of several hundred seats.


Did we accidentally transport ourselves to Boston?

Chris and I would stand to cheer and we'd hear a loud, 'SIT DOWN SAN DIEGO! SIT. DOWN.' in a Boston accent screaming from behind us.

I turned around to glare only to be met by the man behind the voice three rows back - an exceedingly sweaty portly man holding a beer and a hot dog dripping with toppings. His greasy gray hair stuck to his forehead and sweat dripped from his chin and elbows.

I would have screamed back but my gag reflex is overactive and I was already dry-heaving at the site of him.

The lady beside me was friends with the group directly behind us. They let her know her skin was a bright shade of red so she asked the 'dawlings' if they had some sun block. They all nodded no.

'Burn Boston Lady Burn' was my thought.

Chris leaned over my lap, 'Excuse me, we have sun block. Would you like some?'

I gave him the death stare.

'Oh you're such a dawl. Would you share with a Bawstin fan?' She said with her thick accent and winked.

(I held back my desire to say, 'It's BOSTON. BO-STON')

‘Sure’ he said as he ripped my purse from my tight grip and handed over the sun block.

‘I hate you’ I muttered under my breath as he smiled at me with a look of satisfaction.

Unfortunately we lost. Stupid Padres.

But I learned a lesson, next Boston game I’m wearing a Yankee outfit.

Go Yankees.

Friday, June 22, 2007

The 'Dork' Factor...

I work on digital house plans a lot at my job so I download books on tape and listen while I work. I 'read' about 2-3 books a week.

The lovely volunteers at the local library know my name and they smile and wave whenever I come in to check out my weekly stash of books.

As I borrowed three new books yesterday, a librarian approached me...

'Hey Rebekah, you know, you're in here so much you should join our book club!' She said with a smile.

'Uhh' I stumbled.

Did I want to cement my status as a nerd?

As if being a film major and a card carrying member of the blogosphere isn't bad enough!?

Did I want to add 'book club member' to my lengthening list of geeky attributes?

I was about to say no thanks but she quickly blurted, 'We have a $40 gift card as part of a raffle at the end of summer!'

Hmm. Maybe now I can get that 'Jacobean Visions: Webster, Hitchcock and Google Culture' series - a study that underscores the interdisciplinary thematic concerns between Renaissance Drama, the cinema of Alfred Hitchcock and contemporary digital culture - I've been saving for.


Did I just say that?

Book Club Member.

Add it to the list.

When all else fails...

Blame my mother.

A very happy weekend to all of you. Chris and I are heading up to Palm Springs this afternoon with our church for a retreat.

That's not geeky right?!?!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jealous of the crunch…

I feel like the girl on a diet that jealously watches people eat.

A really awful terrible diet.

I spent most of the afternoon Monday in the dentist's office. Unable to make time for the repair, they asked me to come back yesterday to get...

A root canal.

Now I have matching temps, one on each side of my mouth just like I imagined.

Instead of being limited to chewing on one side I'm limited to chewing on no sides. That's right folks, I'm on a liquid diet.

We had already made plans a week ago to go to Taco Tuesday last night with everyone so I couldn't exactly back out.

Every time I heard the crunching of people chewing their delicious chips and salsa, I dreamed it was me. I was jealous of their teeth that could masticate so perfectly.

The dentist prescribed me $20.00 Vicodin - but guess who Vicodin has absolutely no effect on?

*I raise my hand*

Would you like to know what does work? A $4.00 Strawberry Margarita... or two.

Sorry mom.

But let me tell you something, I ate chips AND a taco last night -


And yes, my teeth feel like crud today.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Anorexia by default…

People who know me don't have nightmares that 'Freddie' or 'Jason' will come to kill them at night... they have nightmares about having my marshmallow teeth.

They should make a horror flick about me. Call it 'Night of the Snaggle Tooth'.

The plot line would be:
Crazed redhead with fractured teeth storms through town hunting for Novocain. Dentists are brutally slaughtered and innocent bystanders are run over by dental chairs that come to life.

She eventually dies in the end because the fear of eating and breaking more teeth causes her to starve to death.

I should spare Lizzy and Cole the bad dreams but...

Last night while downing a container of Baskin Robbin's goodness, I broke a tooth.

Mind you, I only had one good side to eat on since my big fat metal temporary crown sits in the place of my last fractured tooth. Now I have no good sides to eat on and to make matters worse, my dentist office is closed until Monday.

I will be drinking my birthday cake on Sunday since chewing isn't an option. Blender anyone?

Now's the time when mothers use me as an example to small children about the dangers of sugar.

'Now see there Timmy, see that big metal tooth in this nice lady's mouth? That's what happens when you don't brush and floss. You wouldn't want to look like her right?'

I would try to interrupt and say 'BUT I DO BRUSH AND FLOSS TWICE A DAY AND I DON'T EAT ALL SUGAR' but it's usually a waste. I'm just the visual aid and visual aids aren't supposed to argue.

I just smile, tell the children how painful root canals are, open my mouth to expose the gleaming metal, and send the children running. They usually scream 'I'll never eat sugar again!' or 'Mommy can you buy me more toothbrushes?'.

The smart ones ask if the tooth comes with super powers.

I tell them yes.

My teeth have the power to max out credit cards in under a second.

Fortunately I'll get the pretty porcelain permanent crown on in two weeks but before then, I'm pretty sure I’ll be on Root Canal #4 thanks to this stupid broken tooth. This may be the first time I've had TWO metal gigantor temps in my mouth at the same time. Perhaps I'll be put on the Public Announcement Channel while 'Dangers of bad dental hygiene explained by a tooth impaired woman' scrolls across the bottom.

I could be famous.

Monday, June 11, 2007

It's time to sneak a peek...


I'm still keeping the house under wraps until it's...done-ish (I'm not sure we'll ever be 'done') but I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at some of the changes we've been making...

The kitchen. Best view in the house - when the So. Cal. smog lifts anyway. We can see across the Santee lakes and into the mountains. You can't see the mountains in the picture below because it's 'cloudy' *cough* smoggy. The sink is new... but you'll see it later.

The Dining Room curtains. Terrifically terrible picture but that's how I roll.

The Crown Molding in the Dining Room. Yup. That's all you're going to see of the Dining Room for now.

The Crown Molding in the Living Room and a tiny bit of the front door.

Our 50's hall cabinets. Old houses are cool.

Our Master Bedroom. Yup. Red. I love red.

That's it. Just a taste. I'm guessing we'll be 'done' in about 30 days. I'll give you all the before and after pictures.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Oh la la!

A friend of Chris and mine wanted to work on her portfolio so she asked if she could take some pictures of Chris and I at the beach. She gave me a copy of the pictures. Just thought I’d share.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


I had been putting off my dental check-up because I KNEW it was going to be pricey. I have three teeth that ACHE every time I run (oh who am I kidding. I don't run. Every time I walk fast).

Over the last three years, I've spent in the neighborhood of $3,000 on dental work.

I feel like the door bell doesn't chime when I enter the Dentist Office; it makes a loud 'CHA CHING!' sound.

My dentist is so kind and he always smiles really big when I walk in. At first I thought it was good customer service, and then I realized he loved me because I was financing his children's private education.

Today, I could have sworn that I heard him go to the back, pull out his cell phone, and whisper 'Darling, you know how I said we couldn't vacation this year? Well call the travel agent we're going to the BAHAMAS!! Heck, invite your mother!!'

Poor Chris had no idea when he married me, he was marrying a woman with the tooth density of a marshmallow and not the super tough 10 year old marshmallows you find in the back of your pantry under the bag of potatoes - we're talking Easter fresh Peep marshmallow density.

My dentist cleaned my teeth and tinkered around with his tiny mirror and pick. He clinked around punctuating his scratches with 'Hmm's'

'Well sweetie' - He always calls me sweetie, not sure why but it's sort of comforting - 'It's getting close to punch and everyone will be weaving. We don't have dime today but we're going to have to do a toot canal OK?'

Perhaps he should have removed his mask before speaking.

I'm bummed. I like it better when they treat me like an emergency patient and wheel me into the operating room.

Now I have a whole weekend to be miserable and think about the upcoming pain fest.


Goodbye $800.