Friday, June 22, 2007

The 'Dork' Factor...

I work on digital house plans a lot at my job so I download books on tape and listen while I work. I 'read' about 2-3 books a week.

The lovely volunteers at the local library know my name and they smile and wave whenever I come in to check out my weekly stash of books.

As I borrowed three new books yesterday, a librarian approached me...

'Hey Rebekah, you know, you're in here so much you should join our book club!' She said with a smile.

'Uhh' I stumbled.

Did I want to cement my status as a nerd?

As if being a film major and a card carrying member of the blogosphere isn't bad enough!?

Did I want to add 'book club member' to my lengthening list of geeky attributes?

I was about to say no thanks but she quickly blurted, 'We have a $40 gift card as part of a raffle at the end of summer!'

Hmm. Maybe now I can get that 'Jacobean Visions: Webster, Hitchcock and Google Culture' series - a study that underscores the interdisciplinary thematic concerns between Renaissance Drama, the cinema of Alfred Hitchcock and contemporary digital culture - I've been saving for.


Did I just say that?

Book Club Member.

Add it to the list.

When all else fails...

Blame my mother.

A very happy weekend to all of you. Chris and I are heading up to Palm Springs this afternoon with our church for a retreat.

That's not geeky right?!?!


Lizzie said...

Blame it on mom?!? Need I remind you which one of our parents wore plaid with stripes (ok, I know it is trendy now...)
Although, mom is often seen with only one shoe on, so I guess it could be a toss up :-)!

As for the resort, definitely not nerdy, unless you play scrabble or something of that nature while there.

Nicole McDonough said...

If you can't beat 'em, you might as well join 'em!