Thursday, May 17, 2007

Home ownership is…


I’ve heard rumors. I’ve seen bills. I’ve heard mom, Liz, and Cole complain about the expense of home ownership.

But I’ve only been a homeowner for 6 days and my savings account is empty!!

Here was my ‘Move In Budget’:

New Carpet in 3 bedrooms - $1,000
Paint and Supplies - $200
Miscellaneous Items - $300

Total Move-In Budget - $1,500

I hate to expose the idiocy of my ways but here are the current required purchases (and we’re not even moved in yet!!):

New Carpet - $1,905
(After begging Chris, ‘But Hoooonnnnneeeeyyy, this one is preeeeettttyyyy’. Man I’ve turned in to quite the WHINER)

Paint and Supplies - $658
(Dad always gave it to us for free. I had no idea the stuff was $25 a gallon!!!! A stupid roller cover is six bucks?!?!)

New door locks on all exterior doors - $205
(To stop the crazies from coming back)

New locking mailbox - $72
(To stop the crazies from stealing our mail)

Cleaning supplies - $141
(To clean up after the people who I’m quite positive never owned cleaning supplies)

Total so far - $2,981

Yet to be purchased:
New Countertop in Master Bath (The current hunk of broken/cracked/mildewed plastic isn’t usable)
New Flooring in Master Bath (When Carpet guy said he didn’t want to work around it because it was ‘gross’, I took that as a sign that a big bottle of 409 wouldn’t be adequate)
Rug for Spare Bedroom to hide GIANT painting mistake (I’ll explain later)
Refrigerator (Turns out… the house doesn’t have one and it’s kinda important!)
Closet Doors in Master Bedroom (They liked the ‘exposed clothing’ look. Eww. How messy can they be?!?!)

Um yeah.


But thankfully our escrow company made an error... in our favor so we got a nice check back from them.

AND… here’s a little hint. When choosing paint colors, consider the color of your flooring. We picked out this gorgeous color for our walls called ‘Warm Nutmeg’ for our spare bedroom, kitchen, and dining room. It just makes the house feel homey, inviting, and ‘warm’.

We also chose a medium brown Berber carpet. Well…

Warm brown walls with warmer brown flooring make your room look like…

Let’s just say Chris and I call our spare bedroom ‘the poop room’.

Now we have to buy a giant rug to hide the carpet and break up the…


Since we have no fridge, we eat out every night. I actually find myself missing my home cooked microwave meals.

This morning I ran out of my stash of Cinnibons, so I came to work and devoured a bag of Hershey Nuggets with Toffee and Almond.

Here’s my thinking:

Chocolate is a dairy product. That’s practically whole milk. The Hershey Nugget has toffee AND almonds in it. Almonds are totally healthy!

So if my mom asks, I had whole milk and Almonds this morning for breakfast.

Also… I took my multi-vitamin which counteracts the Toffee/sugar.

I’m good to go.

Oy. My poor future children.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are havin so much fun! Wish I could be there to enjoy the fun you are having. Just count it all as memories,some good,some bad. Glad you are in your new home. Grams

Anonymous said...

Welcome to homeownership, even when you have a new home it never ends. We have to pour a driveway and patio, $12,775.00, rock retaining wall, $3,200.00, 5 20ft trees @ 265.00ea $1,325.00, still hve to get plants and grass:coming home to your own home priceless. Let's not even get started on finishing the basement. See God knew you would need that extra money from the escrow error, he's good that way.
Love to you both,

Bekah said...

Aw thanks guys!

You get grass Lisa?!?! Could you send your scraps this way? ; )

sewcreative said...

Wow Becks! $200 bucks set aside for just the paint? You should have come to me. I would have gladly given you a heads up on paint costs and carpet prices. You sound so much like your dad. He is always thinking that things are way cheaper than what they really are!! In fact.... I wish prices really were what you and dad thinks they should be. Ah....but life has a way of revealing itself for what it is in the end.
EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!! Welcome to home ownership dear.
Love, mom

P.S. Did you notice that Home Depot is having a huge paint sale this week? 25% off? Another little Murphy's Law that stinks! Things like this always seem to happen AFTER you purchase it. The item will then go on sale! Ah....the joys......