Friday, May 25, 2007

Glad I didn’t pay for the good seats…

Chris and I went to see Cirque Du Soleil - Quidam last year and were very impressed. We spent the whole show saying, 'How is that remotely possible to BEND like that?!?!? Did he lift that guy up by his head?!?!' and perhaps the most shocking of all, 'You want $8.50 for this water?!?!'

The whole 'headless man leading a little girl around explaining death' was a bit odd, the show still left everyone in awe. The little girl who sang kept the whole audience entranced and the talented human contortionists were unbelievable.

Based on our positive experiences from last year, we decided to see the talented troupe in the 'Delirium' show last night. We couldn't afford the front seats like last time, and the steep $40 + fees price tag of the nose bleed seats left a nice hole in our wallets, but we couldn't wait to see our favorite show in town again.

Oh what a terrible disappointment.

The show focused more on so so music and less on the talented circus freaks.

You know when you go to a concert and you constantly look at your watch while the opening band is playing wondering when your favorite artist is going to perform? That's what last night felt like... but the opening band wouldn't get off the stage!!

They frequently shined bright lights at the audience and made loud booming noises. I'm quite positive this was simply a tactic to make sure everyone stayed awake.

The set design was clearly modeled after a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and a hamster wheel. Give me two glasses of wine and a crayon and I'm pretty sure I could surpass their set designer in creativity.

Paula where were you!?!?!

I was more entertained by our server's facial hair at Bakers Square and whether or not he considered those 7 - quarter inch long hairs a 'mustache' or a botched shave job.

In short:

Two Cirque tickets - $92
Dinner for two at Bakers Square - $27
Parking at Sports Arena - $15
Discovering that no two Cirque shows are alike - $134
'Priceless' doesn't apply here. Ask my Debit Card.

So much for entertaining 'water cooler' talk at work today. Last year I told stories of men bending in half, standing on each others heads, then doing some sort of reverse back flip off each other. This year all I have is, 'Some people sang and a lady hula hooped with both feet then did a summersault'. Sounded too much like a crummy 6th grade birthday party.

Oh well. Date night with my darling hubby is always a treat - regardless of the silly shows we see.

We're seeing Stomp next month.

Fingers crossed!


sewcreative said...

Wow!!! that sounded like it wa such a blast!! Wish I could have gone, NOT!!!! And to think I even considered it! No... my Thursday night was much more exciting. Dad was out with the new guy and I had a delightful bowl of cereal and downloaded songs for my dear daughter. Now THAT was a night to write down in my diary of memories.

Love, mom

Nicole McDonough said...

Oh, life with no kids is full of adventure! Trust me you'll look back on it after kids and say, "Remember when we used to go out on dates?" Enjoy it now, as crappy as the shows are sometimes:)

Anonymous said...

The designs they were wanting were too simplistic for me so I backed out graciously. Too bad for them!
I will say, you will not be disappointed with STOMP by any means. Wish I could go with you! I'd see it again and again...and again.


Lizzie said...

Sounds.....interesting. Can't say it's a date night I would envy :-). Randy and I try to stick with dinner and a movie or long car rides to get ice cream! Good luck next time....