Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oh don't even get me started...

Sorry so quiet as of late. Busy.

Chris and I had to stop by the house we are buying – herein after to be known as the ‘Ugly Brown House’ – to meet the appraiser Monday. The homeowner let us in and we stood uncomfortably at the door while the appraiser looked around.

When the lady wasn’t looking, I peaked into the living room… my heart stopped.

It was just as cluttered and messy as the day we first saw it a month ago.

They’ve got two weeks to get out and they haven’t packed a thing? Geez! Chris and I had a month to pack our 650 Sq. Ft. apartment and it was a struggle!

And that’s when it all went down…

‘Hey I wanted to ask you guys something. Are you in a bind where you are at or do you have some leeway?’ the homeowner asked.

Chris smiled and said, ‘No, we aren’t in a bind. We’re living with her parents. Why?’

‘Well, we need a few more days or so and were wondering if that would be a problem.’

‘Sure, shouldn’t be a problem at all!’ Chris said enthusiastically.

I mentally kicked him hard in the ankle. Man I wish I was telekinetic!

Just what I want. Renters.

She continued, ‘We looked to rent a place for a month or two until I get my job straightened out (mentally I was thinking… code words for ‘unemployed’) but they want us to sign a six month lease. Of course we won’t tell them we’ll only be there a month or two’

Yeah. And I’m sure you are being so truthful with us now about the whole ‘few days or so’ bit. Just how LONG is ‘so’?

After I had a short but to the point ‘conversation’ (think, code word for ‘ripping him a new one’) with Christopher after we escaped to the car, he quickly called our Realtor and told him we needed the house on the 10th… no later.

Now the homeowners are off to Vegas for the week. With less than two weeks to get out. Yes. I can tell they are really planning on leaving.

Bloody shortsales!! (Sorry, I’m listening to a 14 hour book on CD and the lady has a British accent. I find myself saying, ‘Chap’, ‘flick’, ‘flat’, ‘bloody’, and ‘boot’ far more than necessary.)

I am envious of Nicole who got to buy a house from a dead person. Her biggest hassle was removing a corpse.

I’m tellin’ ya – she had a walk in the park! The lady was old, small, and partially decomposing! All she needed was a hefty bag and a swiffer sweeper!

I will be there. On the 10th. Ready to raise hell.


Nicole McDonough said...

Hey, that stain was hard to get out of the floor, blood does not come up so easy!
Sounds like your gonna have fun with this one.

Grams said...

Stick to your guns Rebekah, or should I say Rebecca? Don, let them stay there or you will never get them out. By that time it will be out of the Realtors hands and you might never get them out. I don,t know if I would Like a house better where someone was dead or one where I could toss them out. Love you, Grams

Lizzie said...

So you're landlords now??

Movin' on up!

Bekah said...

What are you talking about Cole? You still have blood stains on the floor. It gives the house a certain 'don't mess with us' feel!

Of course grams! I learned that from you!

'Slum lords' Lizzie. Get it right! ; )

Jenn said...

Okay, can I for one say that I'm surprised you didn't punch your "renter" in the face when she asked to stay longer? I fully expected you to rip that lady a new one.
If you need backup, I'm really good at kicking butt.