Friday, April 20, 2007

Great… now I’m notorious…

Chris’ little sister is making potholders and selling them. Chris had ordered a few so she had e-mailed him to ask what colors he would like. Here is an exact copy of her e-mail:

Hi Christopher Robin,
The colors are pink, purple, and white, blue, green; also there are colors together, like pink, red, and white, and blue, soft pink purple white, orange and yellow. Talk it over with Rebecca. By the way what are you going to use the pot holders for? You or Rebecca don’t cook, usually it is Rebecca’s mom that does it.
Talk to you later brother

Your sister Rose

I think I might have to smack her.

Umm. Excuse me. I’d like to return these potholders please.

And no, my name is not spelled correctly. I've only been in the family for 4 years now. Give them some time.


Lizzie said...

You could use them for decoration, right?
And hey, I've been married to Randy for ten years and I hate diet soda, but until about six months ago Linda asked me every week if I wanted one (just in case??). :-)

Jenn said...

Yeah, I don't like her do cook! It just involves a microwave most of the time...


Bekah said...

One day Liz, you'll cave and start to drink diet soda... the day right after I start spelling my name Rebecca.

sewcreative said...

Hey! You could use them as candle mats. That's the in thing you know. You get a terrific looking candle and place it on a cute little mat. Just a thought. Hmmmmmm Jenn's idea isn't bad either. Things are rather hot after being in the microwave for so long. It's a tough call.

My daughter the, the...........Hmmmmm I'm thinking.

It'sokay Becks. I will always love you anyway. Your faithful mom

Nicole McDonough said...

And you're not about to start just to please a rude girl that has horrible nonsensicle and run-on sentences. But just in case you do want to check out my recipe tomorrow, it's easy!!!