Thursday, April 5, 2007

Did I just SKIP to work?!!??!

I’ve been keeping quiet about the whole ‘house’ thing because it seems like every time I say things are going my way, I jinx it.

The idea of actually OWNING a house is kinda like the coming of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. You know they are eventually going to get here…it just never feels like anytime soon.

The news?

We accepted the counter offer yesterday.

The problem?

We kinda low balled them and the counter offer was only 5K more than our original offer which makes me wonder…


The offer still has to be approved through the bank (yes another bank owned property) so there is still some rough road ahead of us.

I called mom to tell her the news. She told me she was excited for us and casually mentioned, ‘Hey, um, Beks, I was walking through your room this morning and heard someone leaving a message on your phone machine. Something about Kauai? Are you going to Kauai?’

Now let me explain something. Chris has been working at a prevailing wage job and he’s making more than twice his normal salary. We decided to set that money aside and take a trip to Kauai.

How do you explain to your mother, who you’ve been sucking off of for nearly a year under the guise of ‘poverty stricken newlyweds’, that you’re taking a rather expensive trip to the islands?

‘Oh those’ I responded, ‘Just doing some research for John-E-Boy’s honeymoon. Trying to be a good sister and get him a good deal.’

Now, I’m not sure what story I’ll come up with for when I ask her to dog-sit while we soak up some relaxing sunshine, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.



Nicole McDonough said...

Yeah, your right, she'll never read this and find out the real story:) Way to keep it on the DL!

Bekah said...


Lizzie said...

That's ok, saok up some rays while you can. Your reality is waiting for you just on the other side of "homeowner".

sewcreative said...

You're killin me smalls! (Don't the airlines let animals fly for free? The little ones would have such fun there!)
The stay at home mom.

Bekah said...

Little did you know you'd be watching my dogs and not my children in the future.

And crap, now I'm scared to be a homeowner. Thanks Liz!!

Lizzie said...

Sorry couldn't resist throwing that info in there. No really, live it up now :-)....while you can, before you're strapped down with the lifelong burden of homeownership and children.

Totally joking!!! I love my house (and my kids).

sewcreative said...

It worries me Elizabeth, in the order you just put that. "I love my house (and my kids)" HELP!!!!! (for the kids that is) :-)
Love, mom

sewcreative said...

Ah Becks? What do you mean dogs, not children??????