Friday, April 13, 2007

Flashback Friday!

Journal entry from August 9th, 2005:

I was driving a co-worker to a jobsite and we were discussing what everyone talks about with people they don’t know – the weather. After we ran out of, ‘Sure is a nice day today’s’ we sat in silence and he stared at my dashboard. He started counting - 1, 2, 3, 4. Hoping he didn’t have some weird OCD (LIKE NICOLE!!), I asked him what on earth he was counting.

‘Airbags. 6! What on earth do you need 6 airbags for?’ he asked.

‘Actually there are 8. You missed the two behind you.’ I laughed.

I told him that in the event of a collision, my car would look more like a floatation device than crumpled metal. He gave me a funny look and stared out the window. Awkward silence again.

This prompted him to tell me he had been rear-ended 5 times. He claimed that anyone who rear-ended someone should have his or her license taken away for being a poor driver. I disagreed which made him ask the question that made me cringe, ‘What? Let me guess, you’ve rear-ended someone?’ I moved around uncomfortably in my seat before saying, ‘Only because I missed the person I was aiming for.’

He looked at me with a sense of fear, dread, and an amazing awareness of where all the door handles were.

That’s when my phone rang and we arrived at the jobsite. I never got to explain myself but the more I thought about it…my explanation isn’t that great anyway.

He didn’t necessarily ‘get out’ of my car, it was more like a retreat – walking backwards…slowly.


sewcreative said...

That's my girl.

Nicole McDonough said...

OCD, I think not! Just because I know that the word the is used seven times in your story, the word to is used three times and were was used once, does not make me OCD, everyone does that!

Bekah said...

No Nicole. You have a problem.

But that's OK.

It's a family trait.

Maybe you're worse than all of us, but at least we all suffer together.