Friday, April 6, 2007

Flashback Friday!

I used to keep a journal a couple years ago and here is a flashback from January 12, 2005 - a few short months after saying ‘I Do’:

I’m finding that in my world as a domestic goddess, I learn new things all the time. Take this weekend for example. I was cleaning our filthy apartment from top to bottom when I noticed our bathroom rug had nearly grown legs. In my college days I used to throw the bathroom rug away when it was dirty and buy another. It was an easy way to change things up…and not have to put out too much effort into cleaning. I decided that throwing away a perfectly good dirty rug was perhaps not showing fiscal prudence so I threw it into my hamper.

I had washed all my clothes and the rug was still staring at me, half legs and all. I wasn’t about to wash that sort of nastiness with anything I wore.

My problem with the rug was that it wasn’t very big. It would certainly be an immense waste of water to wash it by itself so I looked at what was left and decided to throw it in with our sheets and some white gym towels. No harm in that right?

Did I happen to mention that the rug was red?

In my intense concentration of getting darn thing washed, I forgot the cardinal rule of laundry, no darks with lights. I am now the proud owner of pinky brown sheets and gorgeous pink gym towels. I started to pull the mess out of the washer and smacked my head in stupidity.

Thinking the situation could not get worse, I threw everything in the dryer.

Never think things can’t get worse.

The dryer buzzed 60 minutes later…little did I know the buzz was a gong to my idiocy. I opened the door and was greeted by the smell of burning rubber.

Did you know that after 60 minutes on high heat, rugs become extremely malleable and begin to melt? So now, not only do I have pinky tan sheets and pink gym towels, I have pinky tan sheets and pink gym towels with a rubberized glaze. It almost sounds as if I’m describing a Thanksgiving ham doesn’t it?

Doesn’t smell nearly as nice… Trust Me!

My moral of this story…don’t wash… BUY NEW ONES!!

I totally had it right in college.


Nicole McDonough said...

Amen, Sister!

Nicole McDonough said...

Cute new pic by the way:)

sewcreative said...

Dear Lord, That's why you should have paid attention while living at home. But I have come to understand with you, as long as someone else is doing the job, why bother paying attention. Did I mention that I pray for your husband on a regular basis? Loving and learning heaps with all the blogs, mom

Lizzie said...

Um, ok, where were you when it was laundry time at our house? Oh wait, let me guess, sleeping????