Thursday, January 31, 2008

I feel like a Private Eye!

There have been some, for lack of a better word, ‘delicate’ issues going on in my life lately and surprisingly enough – one of them required me to check out the San Diego County Courthouse records. I got what I went for… then spent the next 4 hours completely and totally fascinated with the whole idea of ‘Public Records’.

I discovered that:

My dentist has 18 lawsuits of malpractice and personal injury against him.

My ex-boyfriend has a record…

So does his brother…

And so does his brother’s wife…

And so do his parents!

And so do the people we bought our house from.

Oh, and the lady who does my nails has one as well.
(It could be a mistake. There are LOTS of people whose names are spelled with 16 consonants and one vowel. OK fine. It IS her but she cuts cuticles like no one else so I’m NOT CHANGING!! I’ll just watch myself when she has a sharp object)

So what does all this prove?!?!

I sure can pick ‘em!

Oh snap… is that mom and pops I see on the listing too?!?!

Someone’s got some explaining to do….


Lisa C Magnus said...

At what point do you decide" I really did not need to know all that.:)

Lizzie M. said...

Why do you think Ran and I left the state?

Anonymous said...

Can you say Stalker? Just kidding! I like to play detective too. Who else is going to watch your back right? =)

Bekah said...


Nicole said...

Yeah, you would have caught mine too but with the name change, all is well:)