Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I can think of worse…

Our company had some meetings scheduled in Las Vegas for Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately I was chosen to attend.


Like it’s ever ‘unfortunate’ to be ‘forced’ to work in Vegas.

Even if you never make it through The Strip, the food in that whole city is amazing. And, in case you missed it… I really, really, really, really, really like food.

Well, that and I like playing the nickel slots in the airport until about the 5th time they page my name to ‘PLEASE GET ON THE PLANE!’.

I was to fly up Thursday morning, attend meetings, stay over Thursday night, attend more meetings, and fly home late Friday.

Well, Friday’s meetings were rescheduled. ‘Unfortunately’ it’s cheaper to leave me there than fly me home a day early.

40 bucks on red?

I’m packing a bikini and kicking it poolside with a margarita on the Mandalay Beach.


Lizzie M. said...

I'm sooooo jealous!!!!!!

Nicole said...

Gee, that looks really tough! Do you have any available positions?

Lisa C Magnus said...

I have to go to meeting all the time, but I never get to go to fun places like that. I have heard a rumor the GM's are going to Rhode Island, what's in Rhode Island? Vegas would be better. Jeff and I are kicking around the idea of going to Vegas for our Anniversary this year. I hear it's the culinary capitol of the US. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Order me a drink cuz I'm on my way! =) How cool!!

sewcreative said...

Margaritas hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'll make sure dad has his eye on you. Never mind, he'll be the one sipping on some wine on the other side of the pool working on paperwork.

Take care of him....scratch that. Maybe I should come.

Love always, mom