Monday, January 28, 2008

Winning... is so very nice.

I more than doubled my money in Vegas.

I’m interested to see the reaction of my tax guy when I claim my Vegas winnings.

Heaven forbid I dupe the IRS out of taxing my 10 bucks.

Oh. You thought I won big? Well, to win big, you’ve got to bet big. I would hardly call 4 bucks in the penny slots, ‘betting big’.

As soon as I crossed the 10 dollar mark I cashed out. Thank heavens for those automatic ticket redeeming machines. I’d be too embarrassed to actually cash the ticket for 10 George Washington’s at a window with a real person.

As I started toward my room, I noticed a creepy guy standing by himself waiting for the elevator. He turned around, dirtily looked me up and down, and a disturbing smile spread across his face. I immediately detoured to the closest slot machine and dumped in a dollar of my hard earned winnings.

I lost the dollar in the poker slots but that may be because… I don’t know how to play poker.

Look. I didn’t have a choice of machines ok?!?! It was a girl emergency!

But I don’t count it as a loss anyway. It was a ‘no way in Hades I’m riding in the elevator with the gross man’ fee and I was happy to pay it.

A couple hours later, we were driving down the freeway. Pops was on a business call and I stared out the window at the strip… and noticed…

‘Uh. Is the Monte Carlo on fire?’

Dad glanced and continued his call – completely brushing me off by the way.


‘Pops, those are flames. That is a fire.’

And then pulled out my camera… because that’s how I roll…

…like a tourist.

An hour later we rolled by again...

Here's pops losing 3 bucks...

And me winning 10!

Seriously, we're high rollers. $7 combined.


Nicole said...

Hey, I thought what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! You need to move up to nickel slots. You can win at least $20:)

Anonymous said...

Share the wealth! SHARE the wealth! =) Pretty wild pic of the fire. I should 'roll' that way too more often because I seem to leave my camera behind at the most inopportuned time! Aaauugh!! =)

Lisa C Magnus said...

oooo, big spenders you all are. Nice fire pic's, I was actually watching that on my computer, I thought I saw you and your Dad.:)

sewcreative said...

Your dad never told me about the gambling. Isn't that a bad sign? Do you think he has a 'secret' addiction and just doesn't want me to know?!? That 3 bucks could have paid for a Starbucks or something. Now I'm worried. What's worse is that he's back there again today. Oh my!!!!!

I think I'll call. Gotta go.

Love always, mom

Lizzie M. said...

I'm with Colie.

Ok, except I have no idea what I am talking about, seeing as how, I've only been to Vegas once and I wasn't even legal.