Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oooh, THOSE cards… oops.

Well, it’s been an interesting two days.

Before leaving, dad asked, ‘Do you have cards?’

‘No. But I loaded up my ipod and I rented a movie from itunes so I should be good. I’m not sure how good the movie is going to be but I’d rather watch a boring movie than stare at some of the freaks and geeks at the airport. Besides, I haven’t taken playing cards on a plane since I was 13… oh wait. Business cards?... Of course?’

My dad just stared at me as if he was trying really hard NOT to call me a complete moron.

I always have business cards – What else am I going to drop in those little glass ‘win a free lunch’ bowls at the front of restaurants?

Shoot. Did I just say that? I mean. I only use them for business purposes!

The first meeting went well. The guys were in their mid to late 20’s and fans of the Chargers. How could we not get along? And they were at the same Detroit game Chris and I were at – um hello?!?! That’s like… bonding.

Lunch went well too I guess – since I live for embarrassing moments. We had to make it a quick stop since we were running late. I tried to order an ‘All American Meal’ from McDonalds but the guy behind the register just stared at me blankly. I leaned closer and whispered, ‘It’s a happy meal without the toy and in a regular bag pretty much.’

Still a blank stare.


‘You want a happy meal?’ He said curiously after staring into the ceiling dumbfounded.

The line was growing so I told him that was fine.

Yeah, fine if you don’t mind sitting among a group of business suited people with a Kid’s Meal connect the dots bag and a giant plush bunny.

Oh well.

My red cheeks still recovering, we walked into our second meeting, not remembering it was going to be with a conference room full of superintendents and some company big wigs.

Superintendent. Definition: The guys who make every subcontractor pee their pants in fear.

Company Big Wigs. Definition: The guys who make every superintendent pee their pants in fear.

Why don’t I have a job where I can just sit and look cute?

I mean, sure, my presentation section was only about 4.5 minutes long but it only takes about 4.5 seconds for me to turn bright red in fear.

But it went well in spite of me.

After the meeting finished, a superintendent walked up to me and said, ‘I have your picture hanging in my work trailer.’

‘My… my… picture?’ I stammered.

‘Yeah, right near our door where we can see it every day.’ He smiled.

‘Um. How terribly… uh… flattering? Where’d you get a picture? I asked.

‘Your co-worker e-mailed it to me.’ He grinned.

Mental note: Kick Katie in the pants immediately upon returning to the office.

There was more but this entry is long enough. I’ll update you later on…

‘Is that the… no…is that…the MONTE CARLO ON FIRE!!! I’ll get my camera.’


‘Heck yes, I more than doubled my money’


Food, food, food.


Nicole said...

Suuuure it was a business trip! Sounds more like an excuse to gamble and boost your self esteem:) Wait, you could get a stalker out of it but anything to get business, right?

sewcreative said... much for watching out for your dad. And about that I was concerned for you two by calling and making sure you weren't near it and all the two of you could do is laugh!!! "Hey Becks, are we near the fire? Ooooh did you get a picture of that?!" Why should I worry about you two? Next time I'm not calling...... or even praying. You two go off your own merry way and don't listen!!!!

Well, maybe I'll just stop calling but continue to pray. Somebody needs to watch out for you.

Glad you had fun with your dad. Love, mom

Anonymous said...

Well it sounds like you had a lot of fun. I hope to go to Vegas someday. Have to see it at lest once. =)

Lizzie M. said...

Can I go on your next business trip????