Friday, March 2, 2007

Things are simply… out of control.

Sorry for the long space between updates – I’ve been a bit busy as of late. Lizard has been in town so I find myself spending less time at the office, and more time hanging out. It may be the only time I get to see them this year so I’m trying to squish in every minute.

My stress level has been a bit on the high side. That may be due to the booming metronome type beating in my ears saying, ‘Higher interest rates, taxes,100%’ over and over again. I can imagine this is what menopause feels like to those who haven’t had children. It’s a suffocating, life consuming thought. Our taxes are due April 17th but we have to have the cash in our account during escrow so we really have to buy quickly before the cash is gone. To add more straw to this camels back, banks are phasing out 100% financing – and last time I checked, we don’t have 80+ grand for the 20% down. Chris has been working weekends so time is tough to come by.

Tick tock screamed the clock.

I have a problem I would like to bring to light… I’m addicted to books. I rent books on CD from the library and listen to hours and hours of the classics on my ipod. Well, I’m not sure if my most recent ‘Historical Romance’ was a ‘classic’ per se, but it was a good book. I didn’t realize this was a problem until I was in the middle of payroll and found my eyes welling with giant tears while I shouted, ‘Why did Richard have to die?!? How will Florentina go on?!?!’ Think that’s bad? Oh it gets worse. I found myself interjecting into a conversation saying, ‘I had a friend who attended Radcliff. She met JFK’… umm, now I’m addressing fictional characters as close friends?!?

I need a life.

Easter is fast approaching and that can only mean one thing…Cadbury chocolate eggs. I love them and I hate them. Love because I could eat an entire delicious bag of chocolate goodness in a day… hate because that bag has nearly 100 grams of fat. Perhaps I could learn all the lyrics to ‘I Like Big Butts’. It will be applicable to me shortly.

Speaking of big butts, Lizard, Colegate and I went shopping the other day. Cole has been shedding a worrisome amount of weight and is teetering and the fringe of weighing less than me. Problem? She’s 2” taller. As we shopped in Buckle, the girls constantly complained from the dressing room, ‘Do you have a SMALLER size?’. I stood outside with the kids and stared at my reflection in the mirror thinking… ‘When did I turn into the chubby sister?!?!’ I’ve always been the smallest or the second smallest!! Even worse, since when do my sisters make all 124 pounds of me LOOK chubby in comparison?!?!

So am I looking into laying off the Cadbury Eggs for the season?

Heck no! (I say as I’m drinking my Super Big Gulp from 7-11) I’m looking into force feeding the Olsen twinesque sisters of mine cheeseburgers. Perhaps I can tell Cole they are ‘South Beach Diet’ approved.


Lizzie said...

LOL!! Very funny Bekah..though I do recall eating a burger last night:-).

Nicole McDonough said...

That is freakin' funny! STOP being funnier:)