Tuesday, March 6, 2007

And it begins…

We put an offer on the El Cajon house this morning. It’s a bit… stressful.

I washed my hands this morning and checked my reflection in the mirror. Yup. I did it again. Several bright red broken blood vessels in my eye glowed back at me. I look like a druggie. Boo.

But for those who are concerned, there is no need to worry. I am HEAVILY medicated. I’ve got two bags of doctor prescribed Cadbury eggs in the top drawer of my desk.

Mom’s gone on vacation which means I’m visiting a lot of my friends these days. Hello, Carl’s Jr., Alpine Taco Shop, and Salsa. Hey! I never said my friends were actual people!

It's not that I can't cook for myself... I just... can't cook for myself.


Lizzie said...

So sorry! We had some delicious hamburgers last night fresh off the grill...oh, sorry again, have another Cadbury egg on me :-)!!

Bekah said...

I don't like you... and I never will!