Wednesday, March 28, 2007


It’s time for a housing update.

I’m not a happy girl.

We have not heard from the bank that owns the foreclosed home we put an offer on as of yet. It would appear as if they are drawing this out as long as possible so they can get the best offer. I can’t say I blame them… I just don’t personally feel they are making the best decision because everyone knows the best decision is ME!!

So I’m doing what I do best… retaliation! I’m throwing US Bank the bird and moving on. Take that!!

Umm, but US Bank, darling, if you are reading this, please get back to us soon because if you do, I promise I’ll be a good girl and buy the house.

I passed through a neighborhood last night that was La Mesa's equivalent to Mt. Helix. Some million dollar homes and some seriously crappy homes all scrunched up together. The better the view, the nicer the house. I drove around to find the house I saw on the internet and immediately knew which one it was before I spotted the bright Realtor sign. Ugliest one on the street? Yep, in our price range! I pulled up and spotted two matching brown 1988ish Ford Tempo’s in the drive. Directly across the street, parked in front of what can only be described as a mansion, were twin silver Mercedes. Oh sorry, I don’t think Mercedes makes the color ‘silver’, it’s probably ‘Titanium’, ‘Platinum’, or ‘Guetenshlagger’ which translates to “sucks to be poor but we wouldn’t know” in German.

All I could think was, my ‘Galaxy Gray Mica’ Mazda 3 would love to make friends with those Mercedes.

After my ‘lust fest’ with the neighborhood, I drove over to Vernski’s house. I used to work with him at my last job but despite us no longer being co-workers, he still has me house-sit whenever he goes on vacation. I guess some people find boring, non-partying, non-druggie people to be attractive house sitters – that and he knows I’m beyond afraid of hurting his brilliant white house so I generally quarantine myself to the kitchen.

Vernski went through the usual home care instructions and asked how the house hunting was going. I told him about our loan problems because of Chris’ damaged credit (thanks to those who did it to him!!) and how we had to put everything in my name causing our interest rate to go up. That’s when he suggested that we find a private investor who understood our situation. Yeah, like I’m friends with people who can drop a couple hundred grand… wait… Verski has a couple hundred grand. I almost asked him to be our slum lord but if anyone is going to be the lord of my slum, it’ll be me… but if he were to suddenly feel generous, I wouldn’t complain.

When will this be over!?!?!

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