Monday, March 5, 2007

I still have my hair… right now anyway.

Oh what a weekend. We searched far and wide for the perfect home… or perfect enough for us anyway. In our price range, perfect is a LONG way away. Heck, we’ve barely made it to habitable.

Friday night we looked at 3 houses. A synopsis…

House #1 – Holes in the walls. Exposed drywall with no texture. Plywood kitchen. Filthy walls, floors, and ceilings. Unfinished ceilings. Florescent blue paint in the living room. Weeds creating a jungle scene in the yard.

House #2 – Smelled so severely of dog feces I had trouble keeping my dinner down.

House #3 – An adorable corner lot, cute house in a great part of town.

I thought the winner would be easy. Option 3 right?

Well, marry Mr. Fix-It and you marry his visions of greatness. He LOVED house #1. He could practically hear the saw blades spinning. He would walk around saying, ‘Do you think this wall is a supporting wall because I think I could just knock the thing out’, and ‘All I need is a weed wacker.’ All I could think was, ‘All I need is a wrecking ball and a dumpster’, and ‘This place looks great. At night. With all the lights off. After you’ve had a few.’

Needless to say, I don’t see his vision – but I’m along for the ride. He’s trying to work out some ideas with the bank to get some cash … but I’m secretly praying it won’t work out.

Oh and just because my luck is so hot right now… Option 3 sold…this morning… along with all my hopes and dreams for happiness.

So we are back to the El Cajon house with the pool – which happens to be my personal favorite. Why? It should be about location, quality, blah, blah, blah but the real reason I’m dying to have it… matches our Tiki theme.

I’m off to eat some Cadbury Eggs for lunch.

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