Friday, March 9, 2007

My standards… they are a changin’…

This recent loss of my ‘dream’ home has changed my perspective. When I first started this search, my standards were high. Only the best neighborhoods with the best construction were acceptable.

Then, when house after house shot off the market (from those who made offers within days of the house being listed) leaving me empty handed, I realized changes had to be made for me to survive.

Now I look and say, ‘Hmm. Four walls? Check. Roof? Kinda. Check. Neighbors? No gun racks or apparent drug dealers. Check.’

At this stage I feel like a 45 year old looking for a date. The options are few and rejections frequent.

You know the feeling.

It’s like you’ve been rejected by every cute boy in school because you just aren’t appealing enough. Someone other girl was cuter… richer … and faster at telling the boy she liked him.

Well, I’ve been rejected by every San Diego homeowner… darn those cute girls who tell the boy they like him faster and get the house *cough* I mean, the date.

So I’m reaching. I’m a 45 year old. Reaching.

1 comment:

Lizzie said...

There is a little voice in your head saying "move to Kansas, move to Kansas..."
Ok, hello, I will shout it to you. MOVE TO KANSAS and you can have a four bedroom already fixed up house for 200K. Hmmm, still need to think about that? :-)!!!