Friday, December 7, 2007

Stop it! I will not give this to you!!

OK, so my iPod/Craiglist experience turned out not so great.

I posted the ad with a selling price I thought was fair. A woman e-mailed me 20 minutes after the ad was placed, agreed to buy it, and decided on a location to meet. The sheer excitement in her voice along with the ‘It works right? It does? Is there a reason you are selling it at such a low price? Is it damaged?

That’s a low price?

Over the next few hours, more e-mails followed like:

‘I’ll take it! I have cash! I’ll meet you anywhere!’

‘Is this still available? Is there something wrong with it??!?!’

‘Please let me buy it!!’

And my personal favorite:

‘I am really interested your pink nano ipod. I was wondering if you are willing to go as low $5 or $10 dollars just because I am really tight on money.’

I’m not going to say how much I sold it for – because obviously I sold it for too little based on the overwhelming response – but it wasn’t ANYWHERE in the neighborhood of ten bucks. Heck, it wasn’t in the neighborhood of fifty bucks!

And she wasn’t the only one! Another woman asked if I would give it to her ‘out of the goodness of my heart’!

… goodness of my heart…

Now that’s just funny.

Not to sound harsh but…

Ladies, if you’re tight on money, perhaps a Nano is the last thing you should be surfing for on Craigslist. Last time I checked, the necessities in life are: Food, Clothing, Housing, & Gray’s Anatomy – in no particular order of course.

I am selling this item because I NEED the money. If I didn’t NEED the money, I’d give it to a family member. If you are interested in a Socialistic society where we all have the same things, there are a few European countries you might like and Canada is ever willing to pay your healthcare.

I didn’t write that to either of them – as much as I wanted to. I held my tongue and replied, ‘The iPod was sold – at full price.’

When I told Chris that I thought I might have undersold my iPod, he nodded his head in shame. That’s the estimator in him. Shoot high and negotiate downward.

I mean really, how do you think he ended up with me?

Oh shut up Cole! It was on the ‘shooting high’ part!!
Grandma’s got my back!

Oh well. I met with the lady who bought it last night. She’s a firefighter’s wife and she was buying it for her daughter as a Christmas gift.

Firefighters = Appreciated but horrifically underpaid.

She couldn’t stop telling me how perfect it was. I think she said thank you 100 times.

And I have no regrets on how much I sold it for. It went to the perfect person.

Maybe I do have goodness in my heart. It will cost you, but it’s there.


Nicole said...

I so like happy endings:) I'm glad it went to just the right person. Merry Christmas, right?

sewcreative said...

Oh joy!! These glimpses that I get every now and then of that compassionate heart of yours makes this mom proud. Please don't take that as if I would ever consider lifting any dry county rules or squirming any less when I read about your MARGARITA attachment. I'm just saying that I love seeing that generous heart of yours come out every now and then. Merry christmas indeed to both you and the mom who purchased your nano.
Love always, mom

Lizzie M. said...

Ok, I'm sorry, I still can't get past the chick who wanted it for free. That totally blows my mind. Thank goodness it went to someone worthwhile in the end!

Anonymous said...

I have a couch on craig's list and have not gotten a SINGLE repsonse. Glad that it worked for you. =)I am glad that the Ipod went to a deserving person.