Thursday, December 6, 2007

But I neeeeeeed it!

I hate Apple.

The company, not the fruit.

Actually, come to think of it, the fruit isn’t so great either. Anyway…

I’ve had my hot pink Nano MP3 player for a year now and I’ve been happy with it. Happy until they came out with the new one that comes with games and plays videos. Suddenly mine’s not so cool.

I’ve been ‘casually’ hinting to Chris that I’d like the new Nano for Christmas. ‘Casually’ for me of course means, ‘Hey hon, buy me the new Nano for Christmas please.’

His response is always, ‘I’m not buying you one. You’ve got a Nano that works perfectly fine!’

This from the man who won’t wear his San Diego Charger - Tomlinson jersey anymore because it’s from last season.

For most, when your man says that, it secretly means he’ll buy it for you. Um, not so much with Chris.

So, a hearty thanks to the San Diego Reader for publishing two of my BLOGs, the lady from Craigslist for buying my old Nano, and Jesus for my job because…

I’m buying the new Nano for myself.

By the way Chris, I’m returning that Castillo jersey I bought you for your birthday.

And James…

I have a fabulous picture of Mike holding Keira while she’s reaching in earnest toward a gi-normous bottle of Sapporo but I have a feeling if I posted it, mom would lament over the ‘tackiness’ of babies and alcohol.


Nicole said...

I just talked you this morning and you sold it already? Wow, you're determined!! I'd post the picture because last I checked, the Internet is NOT a dry county:)

sewcreative said...

ANY county that is around my granddaughter is a DRY, I repeat DRY county. What kind of auntie are you sticking up for such a thing?!? Where did I go wrong?
Your mother!

Lizzie M. said...

You are just like Randy. I don't know how he manages to buy all of his "stuff", but I don't get any receipts so that makes me happy!