Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Another wonderful Christmas moves swiftly behind us…

First, for all those family members who could not make it to our yearly celebration of Christmas, you were sorely missed. Lizard, Paul-The, Rand Man, Bames, Stef, Kidlets, Grams, Gramps, you know who you are.

We started off our day in Julian where we ate a fantastic breakfast. The restaurant owner sat quietly at another table while we chatted and laughed. As soon as our meal was finished, she thanked us for being ‘angels’ and a great ‘big group’ of people.

I didn’t see any alcohol around her but if she called us ‘angels’… I was wondering…

Mom was beaming... of course.

Here’s some photos of us wandering Julian…

Guns? Of course we bought the boys dart guns.

We made our way to the bowling alley where, even after my two semesters of college bowling, I still managed to get the second lowest score. Good to know I learned something in college – or not.

Mom and pops bought some very expensive prizes (at the 99 cent store) and awarded stand-out teams and stand-out players. I won something… but that’s only because mom felt bad and thought it was only fair if everyone won a prize.

Aaron was running late so we made him play the whole game as Lilian. He didn't think it was funny but we did.

Even Keira got into it.

Mom's 'victory dance' after she picked up a spare.

John won a high score prize... a Superman chest plate built for a 6 year old.

But that didn't stop him from wearing the cape too.

We headed over to Horton Plaza for some last minute shopping then to dinner at the Panda Inn where we ate in our super cool 'don't you wish you were us' private room – a yearly tradition for over 10 years now.

John-E was tired and didn't feel like putting the onesy UNDER the pants.

He didn't feel like finding a trash can for the diaper either. Pop's door handle worked just fine.

We watched National Treasure 2 then headed home for some much needed rest.

Sorry, I'm not feeling very creative in my event telling, I haven't been eating all that much and I think I'm lacking some serious protien in my brain. On the good side, I'm under 120 pounds which is never a bad thing. ; )


Lizzie M. said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!!!

Nicole said...

Thanks for the pictures and no thanks for weighing less than my right leg!

Anonymous said...

Wish we could have been there! Maybe next year. Love you all, Grams

sewcreative said...

Thank you all for a great day!! And yes mom, no excuses, you HAVE to come next year!!! We'll even let you bowl with the bumpers up! I thought John looked rather dashing in his cape and superman shield. I'm surprised that Michael didn't steal it as he thinks he's the REAL superman.

Can't wait until next year! Love, mom

Bames said...

thanks for sharing! You guys look pretty violent with those gun photos.