Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I’ve never been a fan of Halloween.

There’s always been an unhappy stigma attached to this day. Over the years, we lost a few animals and I think a cat went missing somewhere in there too. We hated having to lock them up a few days before and on Halloween.

And to top it off, mom would show us a Christian video about what happens around Halloween. Even though it’s been at least 15 years, I can still see the blurry pictures and can hear the scary stories.

We never had trick or treaters… turns out, walking a mile down a dark and scary road for a candy bar just wasn’t worth it.

Mom and dad wouldn't let us trick or treat as kids because they didn't want to celebrate a bad holiday - and to be honest, I didn't feel I was missing much.

When Chris and I moved to our own apartment, we never had a trick or treater there either. We always had school on Halloween.

Halloween has always been just another day to me.


Today is a big day.

Today is the first day in my whole life I will have trick or treaters coming to my door.

While I’m not excited about celebrating a day I don’t particularly like, I am excited about new experiences.

Have a safe Halloween!


Nicole McDonough said...

Turn off the lights and hide! That's the only suggestion I've got:)

sewcreative said...

So how was it? Your letter made me feel that I deprived you kids somehow. However, I'm not sorry for not celebrating the day. I also remember the video and still find it so sad.

Love you heaps, mom

P.S. I did take you to things at church every now and then for Halloween.

Lizzie M. said...

Welcome to the neighborhood life! Kinda hard to tell your kids they can't dress up, while all of the kids in the neighborhood storm your door having a fun.
Living in the country was a huge benefit for mom and dad with regards to Halloween.

I really don't like the "holiday" either!