Tuesday, October 9, 2007

But I DID take a shower… yesterday.

Over the past few months, I’ve had a faint sewer smell that came and went in my office. I’d simply turn on my fan and the smell would go away.

Until this morning…

My office smells like a Tijuana sewage spill – the smell keeps going and going and going…

The office management people have been sniffing all around my office for the last hour.

Unfortunately the smell keeps getting worse.

Fortunately I
don’t feel much like eating so I may have a better chance of actually being able to breathe in my oh so tiny bridesmaids dress this weekend.

The office people left to check if maybe the potent stench was coming from outside. One of the guys came back inside and said, ‘Oh geez! Don’t leave and come back! It smells way worse than if you just stay here.’

Thank you?

At least they make me laugh.

I’m thinking a putting a bandana over my nose like the bank robbers of the Wild West. If people ask, I’m going to tell them I’m promoting Brad Pitt’s new Jesse James movie.

What woman wouldn’t nod in understanding?

By the way, we celebrated a girls night with Lindsey on Saturday. We went for dinner and dancing and had a really great time.


Nicole McDonough said...

Gee, I bet your group didn't get that much attention;)

Lizzie M. said...

Sounds stinky!

You girls look beautiful!!!!!