Tuesday, October 2, 2007

There are some changes…

So our house wasn’t on Extreme Home Makeover (We would have applied but we figured the producers wouldn’t likely choose ‘Happy newlywedish couple seeks to make their house not icky’ over ‘Ex-crack whore mother of 13 seeks to make a better home in an effort to keep kids from becoming crack dealers’) but our house is looking pretty good - without their help.

We aren’t finished with the rest of the house, but I thought I’d share the before’s and after’s of our Master Bathroom.
He’s no Ty Pennington but he looks good in a tool belt and he did all the work himself…

Here's the before's (remember, some of these were taken before we moved in. The stuff all over the place isn't ours!):

Mop the floor often?!? Eww!

Yup. That'd be mold growing on the towel racks.

And they felt clean after washing their hands?!?!

Come on people! Cleaning supplies are cheap these days! There's no excuse!

Denture cream and a Cold Stone cup. Good Combo.

Chris tore the bathroom apart down to the studs. Speaking of studs, here's mine at work...

And THIS is our bathroom now:

Can't wait until the whole house is finished!


Lizzie M. said...


Nicole McDonough said...

Aren't you glad you let him "play" in the bathroom? Looks great!

Anonymous said...

Your bathroom looks great! Your studmuffin did a great job. I like the colors. Love you, Grams