Thursday, November 1, 2007

No I will NOT give you candy and don’t even think about egging my house!!

Katie offered to help me out last night (since Chris was at school) so we met at my house and left to run some errands. More than anything, I wanted to be there for our very first trick or treater, so we rushed through the stores (Katie did make some stops to chat with the guys at Target though – and no Katie, you DIDN’T know them). Mike stayed home to watch for early birds.

We stopped to buy more candy (I was fearful the 47 pounds I bought from Walmart wouldn’t be enough) and pick up the latest Christmas album.

Christmas. It’s never to early for Christmas. Anyway…

We returned to my house and I said breathlessly, ‘Did I miss any?’

‘Nope’ Mike said while entranced in his videogame – not that he would have heard them anyway.

I would get to give out the first candy after all!!

Did any come when I started making dinner?


Did any come when Katie and I split that bottle of German wine?


Did any come as I unpacked my Target bag?


Did any come when I made a 2 second bathroom stop?


Katie gave out the first candy. Thank you very much small bladder.

I wasn’t sure how much to give the little brats so I ended up holding out the bowl and telling them to knock themselves out.

And they did.

Our house won’t get egged by the kiddos… but I may have a few parents who would be tempted.

Giving out candy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be - especially when you are trying to eat dinner or watch a movie. By the end of the night, the candy was gone, my dinner was cold, and I’d seen 10 minutes of ‘License to Wed’.

Next year, the lights are going off and I’m snuggling up in my bed to watch a Judge Judy marathon… UNINTERUPPTED.

And for the record… XM radio is worth every penny.

The Holly Channel started today!! 24 hours a day of Christmas music!

So. If you come into my office and hear Vanessa Williams singing The First Noel at unearthly decibels… please don’t be surprised.

I gotta go. Bruce Springsteen just started his rendition of Santa Claus is Coming to Town.


Nicole McDonough said...

I'm lucky enough to have missed out on that fun for the five years I've been in my house. I guess being run over in pursuit of candy isn't quite as appealing as you would think:)

Lizzie M. said...

Just wait until your kids turn on all the lights that you had turned off and give away the one measly bag of candy you bought "just in case".

So glad it is OVER!

Lisa C Magnus said...

Don't you know about the unwritten law of no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. I have a friend that reminds me of that every year because I start listening right after Halloween. I love Christmas music. If you like Josh Groban his is awesome, Paula told me about it. Try it you'll like it.

sewcreative said...

Lisa.....There is no such law!!! After Thanksgiving?!?! How about right after Labor Day? It's blaring at my house now that I don't have the kids here to tell me to turn it off! And don't you just love XM radio? I'm there with you Becks. Merry Christmas everyone!

Love, mom