Saturday, November 3, 2007


I was pretty popular in high school – and I’m not being sarcastic here…. Seriously, I was.

Sure there were only 22 in my graduating class… but all of them knew who I was. In fact, almost the whole high school knew me.

Random girls and guys (who I had no idea what their names were) would come up to me and say, ‘Hi Rebekah!’ then they’d try hard to start a conversation and befriend me.

Naturally I assumed the girls liked me because I was sweet, friendly, and fun - and I assumed the guys loved my… ravishing good looks.

I discovered (about half way through my sophomore year) that the girls (yup all of them) had killer crushes on the ‘hottest boys in high school’… who happened to be my twin brothers.

The boys attempted to befriend me because the ‘coolest boys in high school’ owned guns and were allowed to invite others up to skeet shoot on their property… those ‘cool boys’ were my brothers too.

Sure, my feelings could have been hurt, but they weren’t. I was too busy loving popularity.

I LOVED high school.

Well things haven’t changed much… in my wine class I was chatting it up with the girl who sits in front of me and she started talking about firefighters and the fire. I mentioned that I have two brothers who are firefighters… twin firefighters… twin 25 year old firefighters.

To which she responded… ‘Do you have pictures?!?! Is it getting hot in here?!?!?’

There was a collective screech of chairs.

Suddenly four girls joined our conversation.

Sooooo high school all over again.

‘Are your brothers single?’ a girl asked.



Sorry Lindsey and Casey.

Popularity is just so darn addictive!


Lizzie M. said...

Shame on you...:-), but so worth it!

Nicole McDonough said...

Way to use and abuse your brothers to get friends! I need to try that:)

Lisa C Magnus said...

Bek's you should be ashamed of yourself, I am sure John and MIke would be shocked, I am sure they have never used any of there niece and nephews for female attention. :)

Bekah said...

John and Mike ask Trev and Tallon to 'go talk to that hot chick'? Nooooo.

; )