Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What a wonderful world!

Chris and I agreed to not buy each other anniversary presents this year because of our trip.

When you say, “Let’s not buy presents”… doesn’t that mean, “let’s not buy presents?!?!”

I came home from work and he had a beautiful pile of all my favorite types of chocolate. A perfect bouquet of red roses was in the kitchen sitting under a new cabinet mounted cd player. He told me that since I’ve been spending so much time cooking in the kitchen, he thought it might be nice to listen to some music.


As if it wasn’t bad enough that he broke the rules, he had to be…



Yeah. That’s upsetting.

Not to say I wasn’t grateful – I totally was, but I found myself slowly walking backward covering my ‘I love you berry much’ card.

‘Your gift is… on its way’ I lied.

Thank you honey. You are so sweet… even though you break rules.

Seriously, that’s mean.


A few days ago, my puppies disappeared.

I kinda have the kiss of death when it comes to dogs.

Tink disappeared 2 years ago in a winter storm.

My newest, Turkish and Thorny… well… $700 coyote bait?

I was thinking of putting this on my car as a warning to others.

After 4 days missing, I assumed they were goners.

Last night, mom called to let me know…

Dad put up signs on our mailbox, the mail lady recognized them from a found poster over a mile south, and called my mom.

My dogs are now safely home.

Some days are good days. Other days are great days.

Yesterday… was a great day.


mike a said...

Friggin' miracles both...the survival of those walking appetizers in coyote country and that your hubby turned out so amazing (considering...)

Nicole McDonough said...

Aaron is NOT a rule breaker. When he says no gift, it means, no gift! That is, he doesn't get me one, ha ha ha! Glad I was wrong and your dogs weren't coyote appetizers:)

Lizzie M. said...

Mom told me the story on the dogs...amazing! Think, Tinkerbell is probably living over on Carve Acre with some old couple.

Chris, you rock!!!!!

Lisa C Magnus said...

Bek's you are one lucky girl!! Have a great weekend.