Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Weekend… on a Wednesday…

What a full weekend!

Friday night John, Lindsey, and Keira came over. I made Chimichitos (Baked Chimichangas) and they turned out… OK. I overdid the enchilada sauce a little. Turns out, the sauce was supposed to be on the outside, not the inside.

Mental note: Read directions.

Keira started projectile vomiting afterward. Lindsey was nice and claimed the little miss had been struggling since getting her shots earlier in the week.

It’s OK Lindsey, you can admit it was because Keira was sickened by the thought of me cooking.

Saturday John-E-Boy graduated from paramedic school. I told him I went to the graduation to ‘support him’ but in reality, there were 20 or so extremely hot guys in his graduating class and I wasn’t about to miss out on that sort of eye candy.

Katie – don’t lie. You weren’t there to ‘support’ John either.

Regardless, congrats dude. Your dedication to this has been amazing and despite the HUGE failure rate (classmates dropped off like flies throughout the last year) you successfully finished and finished well. I’m totally proud!

Now I have two totally awesome paramedic brothers!!

Sunday EVERYONE** came over to our house for Thai food. Wesley, in typical Wesley fashion, tornadoed the house in under 30 seconds. He found my candy stash in under 4 minutes (an all new record). Conversations with him went like this:

‘Hey buddy, is that my cordless phone? Where’s the other half?’

He leads me down the hallway and points to the floor.

‘Um no, that’s my ipod… and um, where’s the other half to that? I didn’t know my ipod could break apart like that – oh, I don’t think it’s supposed to. Is this rice?’

He followed that with a devilish grin and took off running.

More statements/questions made to Wesley (since conversations are pretty much always one way with a kid who doesn’t speak):

‘Hey bud, can you please not touch those papers? They are very important to Auntie Bekah’

‘Please don’t shut off…’ He runs over, finds the power button and turns it off ‘…my computer.’

‘Why are these papers all torn…up… WESLEY!!’

‘Nightstands are not made for jumping on.’

‘No!! Not the lamp! It was $8 and definitely NOT childproof!!’

‘Exactly how much candy have you had?’

‘Does anyone know why there is a tampon under my pillow?’

And my personal favorite –

‘Why are my shorts on your head?’

To which Nicole responds, ‘He probably couldn’t find your underwear.’

** ‘Everyone’ is defined as: Mom, Pops, Colegate, Rev, Tallon, Wesley, Me, and Chris. Happy mom?


sewcreative said...

You see, when I am included in the EVERYBODY, then it is a definite plus. So yeah, I'm happy.
Hey Brandon is a nice guy don't you think? I mean, at least he's trying.
I LOVE the pictures from the graduation. Thanks heaps for posting them.

Love, mom

Bekah said...

Brandon IS a nice guy. We should get him to stop smoking and set him up with Katie.

And yes, you are EVERYBODY!

Nicole McDonough said...

My Sweet Wesley? Well......maybe:)

Lizzie M. said...

Thanks for putting a pics of Johnny's graduation! Way to go dude!!!

P.S. Does mom have a complex? :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy day.Wesley is a busy boy isn't he. Is your house back to normal yet? So proud of you with your cooking. Keep up the good work. Of course it helps when you are the teachers pet, at least that's what I hear. Love you, Grams

Anonymous said...

Hey Beks,
Thanks for posting Johns pics, you could have included a little closer look at the eye candy that was in his class though. Congrats John we're all so proud of you and what a beautiful baby girl.
Love to all Lisa

Bekah said...

The house is almost back to normal... we're still finding rice in odd places though.

I'll never be the amazing cook you are grams - but at least I can try to get close!