Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The mystery of the shredded sheets…

Friday night Chris took me out on a date. Is it a bad thing when three years after saying ‘I do’, I get more excited about going out on a date with him than I did when we were actually dating? He opens my car door, he holds my hand, he tells me I look cute… what’s not to like?!?!

Saturday I cleaned the house and organized the linen closet while watching the ‘Ugly Betty’ Marathon on ABC Family. It’s totally like a Spanish soap opera. I dig it. Chris spent the day at Nicole’s house (see her
blog for photos).

Sunday morning Chris and I went to the early service at church. Our pastor is starting a new series toward the end of October on the before’s and after’s of marriage. His last series on marriage a year or two ago was fantastic so I’m really excited about it. In preparation, he wanted everyone to fill out a survey with questions like:
Are you married or single?
Is this your first/second/third/etc marriage?
Did you meet your spouse on a dating website?
Do you feel your mate is responsible to make you whole/meet your needs?
Please rate the satisfaction/happiness level of your marriage on a 1 to 5 scale – 1 being miserable, 5 being very happy.




Of course I was overcome with curiosity and tried to peek at Christopher’s answers. He wouldn’t let me see but he had a smile on his face showing his sheer pleasure in keeping it a secret from me.


After a ‘tiny’ inappropriate in church scuffle, I emerged victorious with his survey.


Awww. So what do I owe you for lying hon?

A mystery has been solved. Edward Scissorhands did not sleep in our spare bedroom. The comforter was inexplicably slashed and shredded and for the past week I’ve been trying to figure out how it happened.

Turns out, Wesley has a flare for scissors – that or Chris is just pointing the finger. Hmm. A hot pink comforter that I loved and he hated was shredded? Was it Wesley?!?!?

I know this is getting a bit long but…

I would just like to give a quick thanks to our neighbor for making us feel welcome. Thank you for reaching over your fence to put rat bait on top of OUR fence because you think rat bait is unsightly. Oh, and thank you for buying effective rat bait. Now I have a big butt rat who died with all four feet in the air… on top of our fence… conveniently 6 inches lower than your fence so you don’t have to look at it.

How’d a dead rat get into your pool? Umm…I don’t know.

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Nicole McDonough said...

Look at my blog and you might realize the TRUTH!