Thursday, September 13, 2007

Those sunglasses? I’ll take two!

Over the weekend I purchased a VERY expensive pair of sunglasses. 10 whole dollars! Hey, when you live on a budget of thirty bucks, more than 33% is a lot to spend on such frivolous items! Especially when Kenney Chesney is releasing a new album… there goes another 33%!

The sunglasses are black and HUGE! I literally look like Nicole Richie when I put them on.

I put them on yesterday and debated whether or not to return them. Let’s be realistic, I could spend ten bucks on so many other cool things and I wasn’t sure if I REALLY liked them.

I was driving through Del Taco (goodbye another 9%) and carefully handed my cash to the drive through attendant (I treat money so very tenderly these days).

‘Hi there! Are you skipping school today?!?’ he asked as he took my bills.

‘School?’ I questioned.

‘I know when you Santana kids ditch!’ he laughed.

Santana… Santana?!? For those of you who don't know, Santana is the high school across the street from Del Taco.


‘Actually…’ I started.

*LONG pause*

‘Yeah, you caught me. It’s senior ditch day! Come on! Just don’t tell my mom OK?!’ I smiled.

Sure the glasses cover half my face but in doing that, they cover the fine lines around my eyes, and the smile lines on my cheeks.

I’m buying 10 more pairs of these sunglasses.

Like. Totally.


Lizzie said...

Could you send me a couple pair?? Although the three kids in the back seat shouting "mom, did you order me apple juice" might blow my cover.

Nicole McDonough said...

Where did you get those glasses?:)