Friday, September 14, 2007

I thought so!!

Chris and I received a Supplemental Tax bill a few days ago.

What is a Supplemental Tax bill? It’s when the city sits down, looks at what you already paid, and says, ‘You know what, let’s charge them more! Sure the people are probably broke but we need another $900 toilet seat for the mayor’s bathroom’.

Technically: On July 1, 1983, California State law was changed to require the reassessment of property following a change of ownership or the completion of new construction. This reassessment may result in one or more supplemental tax bills being mailed to the assessed owner, in addition to the annual property tax bill.

How much is our Supplemental Bill?


Nope. I don’t think it’s coincidental that our additional tax assessment is also the ‘mark of the beast’.

We paid $667… just to be safe.

In case you missed it, try out the Thai Curry recipe below!!


Anonymous said...

You gotta love our tax laws, see you should have just left the house like it was. The bright side is you have to pay more taxes because your house is now worth more money. So really you have actually made money. Justdon't tell the tax man. Nice number, though I remember when I moved to San Francisco, my prefix was going to be 666, how fitting for SF. I asked if I could get a different prefix. Love to you both Lisa

Bekah said...

Mental note... don't move to SF. Bad prefixes!

Nicole McDonough said...

Taxes Suck!!!!!!!!

Lizzie said...

Smart to pay the 667, good thinking!