Monday, August 27, 2007

Oh come on! They don’t call me a whiner for nothing!!

When Chris and I first started our search for a home we were VERY concerned about the size of the yard. We even turned down a brand new home because the yard was tiny – well that and it was in El Cajon. I have standards.

Stop it with the Santee/Santucky/Clantee jokes before you start.

If you’ve seen our house, you know we have a fairly good sized backyard. A fairly good sized yard that looks more like a compost pile than a landscape architect’s dream.

As I worked for hours outside this weekend I wondered over and over…


I ruined a pair of jeans, tore a tank top, and got sweat in my eyes!

Let’s not even talk about my sunburn with a cute little armband of white left by my Ipod holder.

Don’t worry, there are some redeeming qualities.

1.) Weight loss.
2.) Great natural hair highlights.


Nicole McDonough said...

If you need to come over and look at my 1/3 acre lot for inspiration, go ahead! We have a beautiful dirt patch surrounded by, oh more dirt. And then there's the darker colored dirt that contrasts the lighter dirt:)

Lizzie said...

Glad to read you are seeing the positive. I don't thingk I got that gene. :-)

Bekah said...

You and I are still the pessimists in the family!