Friday, August 17, 2007

Excuse me, HOW much is that?!?!

Chris and I went out last night to purchase a shower door. We’ve been looking around and have had some serious difficulty finding a door for our awkward shower opening size.

I was adamant against clear glass. I’ve heard horror stories of the effort it takes to keep them clean and as a person who struggles to keep my home clean in general, it didn’t seem like the best decision. Well that, and the two men in my life are hardly capable of taking 3 seconds to pull the cheap shower curtain back into place, I’d be an idiot to hope they would take 5 minutes to squeegee.

Unfortunately, the ONLY in-stock size we could find was clear glass. Oh, the dears offered to special order us the doors we wanted… for $160 more. But the problem was - we already had to offer them our first born for the in-stock model, now they wanted the knee caps of our second child. I had to draw the line somewhere…

Unfortunately for our second born, my limit isn’t until the elbows.

Sorry sweetheart!


We went with the clear glass. We’re broke and I’ve learned that settling isn’t so bad.

I think I’ll go buy one of those 3 foot squeegees from a professional window cleaner.

On top of all that, I MAY have been a bit moody last night – I’ve been forced to diet.

We’ve got this delicious bin of Peanut M & M’s at the office. I’d plunder the stash at least 3 or 4 times a day… until I realized how many sets of hands went into that thing.

Suddenly I was overwhelmed with the thought about the quantity of germs in there. So overwhelmed, that I became intensely interested in who did and who did not wash their hands after they used the restroom.

Frankly, I don’t know what kind of obsessive compulsive psychopath makes tiny tears in the bathroom dry towels to see who is and who is not a believer in hand sanitization. What kind of crazy do you have to be to …

Oh who am I kidding. I totally did that. But you guys don’t understand my desperate NEED for Peanut M & M’s!!!

And the results?

If I get the inkling for a Peanut M & M’s, I’m buying my own.

Perhaps this forced diet by means of germaphobia will be good for me.

Maybe I’ll be a little less J. Lo, a little more Cameron Diaz.

Just be glad you don’t work with me.


sewcreative said...

Gag me!!!!! I also put my hands in that bowl of Peanut M & M's. I never thought of the things you just informed me of as I am not always there. I think I am going to be sick. So could you share your M & M's with me. And you KNOW that I most certainly DO wash my hands. Gag! Cough! Cough! Thanks so much for sharing that bit of information......I need to go vomit.

Love? mom

Nicole McDonough said...

Glad you filled me in before I came for a visit! Ewwww....
Have fun keeping your new hard water harbor clean:)

Lizzie said...

Wait until you have kids and you take them to the park and you see all of those other kids running around, who you know darn well haven't washed their hands, playing on all the same stuff as your kids. It's gross, I make the kids hold their hands up in the air until I can sanitize.