Thursday, August 23, 2007

First day jitters….

Cooking class started on Tuesday. I’m really excited about it and I found myself looking over the syllabus with a strange glee. Why strange? I thought my passions were more on the eating side of the food spectrum and way less on the making it.

The teacher is incredibly full of himself. When the ‘let me take a moment to tell you a little about myself’ lasts 40 minutes and can be summed up with ‘I think I’m the greatest’ - it’s a problem. He was sure to let us know several times that he was religious. I wanted to let him know that being religious means you believe IN God, not that you believe you ARE one.

Despite my excitement, I struggled to stay awake. Our bedroom ceiling fan has recently started sounding like a kazoo playing March of the Bees (or maybe the Dora the Explorer theme song, I’m just not sure)… loudly. I’m a light sleeper so it keeps me up all night. I would ask Chris to fix it but finding time between full time school, full time work, and remodeling a bathroom, it isn’t in the cards. Where’s a landlord when you need him!!??

Chris is showing an excitement about school too… but hardly for the same reasons. He was hit on by a 17 year old anorexic in training. I gave him a hug hello when he came home from school last night and could smell the cologne he doesn’t even wear for me anymore. Hmm. Someone’s interested in impressing the ladies!

You know what? We aren’t permitted to wear rings in cooking class because of the danger of bacteria getting into the settings. All I have to say to Chris is this… GAME ON BUDDY!

I went to see my doctor before school on Tuesday. I really think they should have you fill out a checklist before getting on the scale and it should look like this:

Long hair - ½ pound
Shoes – ½ pound
Clothes – 1 pound
Just ate a big meal – ¾ pound
Drank lots of water – ½ pound
You thought the new ‘veggie’ chips were healthy and downed the whole bag – 8 pounds
(turns out… fried potatoes are veggies too)

They should let you check off all that apply and subtract that from what you weigh.

Maybe then I’ll actually weigh what I tell Chris I weigh.

‘I’m 110 honey I swear!’

I’m on to you 17 year old anorexic in training….

Sure you may ACTUALLY weight 110, but on technicalities… I’m right there with ya.

AND… for all who are interested – Mike is out fighting fires in LA. He had to drive 8 miles to get cell service and tell us he was OK. He’s currently on the front lines and defending structures. But don’t feel too bad, he sleeps in an air-conditioned trailer.

A little prayer for his safety would be nice if you don’t mind.


Nicole McDonough said...

You forget that it's been kind of humid and humid air weighs more than dry air. Wheww, that was a close one! You need to subtract at least 1/2 a lb. for that. Darn it, does that mean the anorexic 17 year old can subtract that too?

Bekah said...

Nope. She gets no checklist. If you're under 110, you don't get it.

sewcreative said...

Hey Becks, Did you also notice that our instructor told us to keep it simple and short when it came to talking about us??? The total time he allowed all 35 of us to give him a little bio about our lives was STILL shorter than the time it took for him to tell us about his life.....and I doubt that he has finished! Can't wait until next Tuesday for chapter 2.

Love, mom

P.S. Have you done your homework yet? That is the biggest book that I have ever seen!!! I bet it weighs 5 pounds easy.

Niki Atherton said...

My checklist is lonnggg, I'm happy to say. I just received an email from Vision Forum, and thought of you. They're coming out with a book and set for young Christian filmmakers - it's called "Outside Hollywood" and "From Script to Cinema". Check it out!

Bekah said...

Thanks for the heads up, I'll look into it!

Bekah said...

Umm... I also noticed the vision forum has a 'medieval model trebuchet' that shoots marbles 40 feet...


Lizzie said...

How do you know the Dora theme song?????

Bekah said...

I lost the remote control on a Saturday morning and I was too tired to change the channel.