Monday, August 20, 2007


Chris went with John-E and Lindsey to the Charger practice and they took little miss Keira. I absolutely love this picture.

Someday, he'll be an awesome dad.


sewcreative said...

I LOVE that picture!! As far as the awesome dad goes, will he be in a wheelchair by then? Well....I guess the child could push him around. How sweet would that be?

Love as always, mom

P.S. See you for class tonight. (I still can't believe that we're taking a COOKING class this semester!)

Lizzie said...

Someday??? Better late, than never!! :-)

Anonymous said...

ok, you all need to give Bek's a break! So when are you having kids? I can tell Chris and you both would be great parents. You'll both wonder what you did that mattered before that precious blessing came along. Love you Lisa