Monday, August 6, 2007

Wait. What?!?!

Last Saturday I returned almost all the clothes I bought in ‘therapy’ last week. It’s not that I didn’t need them, I just feel so guilty about spending money I always end up returning things.

The saleslady asked for my driver’s license so she could fill out some paperwork. I kept repeating in my head, ‘Remember ID, Remember ID, Remember ID’ because they ALWAYS forget to give it back.

And I did remember my ID …

Three days later when I went to show it after using my debit card and realized it was missing.

Good thing I had cash. Who knew those movie theater guys were such ID Nazi’s?

On Wednesday, I drove all the way to the mall, hiked up to the top floor, and approached the customer service counter,

‘Hi, I called last night. My name’s Rebekah Atk…’

‘Oh yes. I answered the phone,’ she interrupted, ‘I’ll get your card for you. Do you have ID?’

‘It is my ID’ I laughed.

‘Oh geez!’ She laughed back.

‘Do you have any other ID?’ she asked when she returned holding my treasured California License.

‘You mean instead of the picture ID you are holding?’ I asked trying to take out the bite of sarcasm.

‘Yes’ she said flatly.

I dug through my wallet and pulled out my 3 year old college photo ID card that looks noticeably LESS like me than the ID she was holding (I was going through a short hair phase and quickly realized I had WAY too much ‘volume’ – OK, it was frizz but volume sounds better - for short hair).

She stared at my picture for a long time then reluctantly handed my ID over.

And here I thought McDonalds and Burger King were the only businesses kind enough to employ the mentally challenged.


Nicole McDonough said...

So frizzy's out?

Lizzie said...

Move to Kansas. No one ever asks for ID.