Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Why oh why?!?

Why is it that supremely good weekends are followed by superiorly BAD Mondays?

Saturday afternoon Chris won a $430 gas grill in a raffle (he wins everything – makes me hate him a little).

Saturday night we had a great dinner with the gang (Mike, Casey, Brian, Lani, John-E, Lindsey, Keira, Tara, Katie, Jenny, Jessie, Beth, and Zach) at Shoguns – congrats to John-E for finishing paramedic school!

At dinner while I was holding Little Miss Keira, she flashed me a gorgeous grin. She’s smiling now!

We had a great BBQ at our house on Sunday with Mike, Casey, John-E, Lindsey, Keira, Jessie, and Jenny.

Then Monday rolled around…

I struggle with Monday’s the most because a.) I hate waking up early after two days of snoozing until 7:30 and b.) I have to do the dreaded payroll first thing in the morning.

As if Monday wasn’t cloudy enough, it just continued a steady trod downhill…

I got an e-mail from a client asking why I wasn’t using their new system.

‘What system?’ I asked confused.

‘We’ve been trying to contact you for MONTHS about it!’ She snapped.

In that moment, I REALLY wanted to zing it to her and ask, ‘Oh really? I have no messages or e-mails from you. Did you just realize you forgot and are now under the gun from YOUR boss and are doing your best to push the blame because you know what...’ but dang this whole idea of ‘client relations’. You have to hold your tongue and keep repeating silently... ‘I am a professional, I am a professional, I am a professional’.

It’s my mantra.

Turns out, I need training on a new system in Vegas. And no, I can’t schedule it on a Friday or a Monday when I can make a weekend of it.

See you tomorrow Nevada.

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Nicole McDonough said...

Sunday sounds fun! I wish someone had invited me!! Have fun in hell, I mean Nevada:)