Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Personal Goal #1…

Yesterday Chris was approached by his boss and asked to prepare a list of his personal, financial, and business goals for his upcoming review.

When Chris excitedly told me about his upcoming review – excited because generally reviews are accompanied by raises (whew) – I asked him if he would like me to tell him what his goals are since I'm the one who decides them.

I don’t think he thought that was very funny.

But I prepared an outline and I’ll have the rough draft completed by this evening.

After work yesterday, Chris had to see a school counselor to review the classes he needs for admission to SDSU next fall. The counselor advised him to take 16 units this fall, 14 next spring, and 3 units over this summer.

‘But we’re nearly halfway through July!’ I baulked, ‘When does she expect you to take this ‘Summer’ class!?!?’

‘Yesterday?’ He cringed.

He had to crash the class last night.

4 rough weeks lay ahead of him. So much for my bathroom ever being finished.

Like grams said, ‘There’s always a garden hose!’

This morning he got up early, shaved, put on a nice shirt, and sprayed himself with cologne.

‘Who are you trying to impress? Is there a cute girl in your class or something? Is that why you’re taking it?’ I asked.

‘Psh. I wouldn’t stay in this class for A girl. There are LOTS of cute girls!’ He said with a huge smile.

Apparently he’s still bitter about my ‘I make your goals’ comment.

I signed up for three culinary arts classes:

Basic Skills
Wines of the World
Realities of Nutrition

I’m still on the fence about the Realities of Nutrition class though…

I’m not sure I’m ready for someone to tell me that my daily supply of Ding Dongs, Ho Ho’s, and Hershey Toffee Nuggets are bad for me.


Nicole McDonough said...

You're not supposed to tell them how to run their lives, you're supposed to do it without them knowing:)

Anonymous said...

The mention of Ding
dongs got my attention! Did you know you can buy them cheaper at a bread discount store? The date on them is still good and they are about half price. You learn these thins when you live in the country. Just a note to save you a few dollars. Have fun using the garden hose, but that would be a night time showe all the time. See you soon, Grams

Bekah said...

SWEET! Cheap Ding Dongs!!