Monday, July 9, 2007

For those who hadn’t heard… I’m enrolling in a culinary arts program.

I’ll wait for the gasps to cease.

Go ahead. It’s expected.


I’ve decided that in my early to mid-twenties my inability to cook was fine - almost cute to some, but now as I stride full speed into my late 20’s, lacking the capacity just looks silly.

Well, that and I’d prefer my future child’s sole culinary experience to not originate from a microwave oven or a take out box.

Mom’s enrolling with me, which I’m half excited about, and half NOT.


Excited because it will be great to have some company AND… I can cheat off her.

Not excited because I’m pretty sure (cheating and all), my food will never be as perfect as hers and she’ll be the teachers pet… guaranteed!

Eh. While she’s not looking I’ll switch our food.

This should be...



Nicole McDonough said...

You're just lucky I'm not going to be there. It's tough to compete with the best:) I am referring to myself, of course!

Bekah said...

Well according to Tallon, you're right!