Wednesday, July 25, 2007

But I was just trying to be Eco-Friendly!!

In an effort to ‘do my part for the environment’ and ‘stop the melting of the polar ice caps’, I decided to grow only native plants in our yard…

… Well, that or our home improvement fund went bust and we can’t afford plants until August.

It just so happens that the only plants ‘native’ to our yard are… weeds.

That news worries me because I struggle to keep them alive. Who can’t grow weeds?!?!

*I meekly raise my hand in surrender*

Maybe I can bring back the popularity of rock gardens.

As I trounced to my car this morning, I was slapped in the belly by a baby tree (the only thing LIVING in our yard) that – I swear – grew 3 feet in less than a week and is taking over our sidewalk. Had I pulled the darn thing when I first saw it wouldn’t have been a big deal but now I need a shovel and it just so happens… I don’t own one.

Now I hear ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ by Guns N’ Roses blaring in my head every time I leave or come home.

I guess I realized our yard problem when we first bought the house but obviously the problem has grown (or not - ha ha!) over the last month as we have received several business cards for landscapers stuffed in our door. Either a.) Our neighbors are trying to give us a not so subtle hint or b.) News of our yard is circulating in the landscaper underground network as a potential cash cow and everyone wants a piece.

Probably both.

Come over sometime. Listen to Axl Rose with me!


Lizzie said...

Well at least weeds don't grow in your yard in addition to regular plants. After being gone for three weeks, my back yard literally looks like a jungle. I keep waiting for a snake or some sort of creepy crawly to show itself. I'm all for the rock garden idea!

P.S. You don't seriously care about the environment that much, do you????

Bekah said...

Oh geez no! I just look for any excuse to not do yard work!

sewcreative said...

Look, I know that you are really into the "hot" (a little word play there) colors these day. Brown and turquoise are really in. I say paint the house turquoise and you'll really fit in nicely. I'm sure the neighbors will appreciate your efforts.

Love as always, mom

Nicole McDonough said...

I know a good landscaper:) Call me!

Bames said...

Shananananananana Neeze neeeeze!