Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sure hon...

OK. Let's recap. I spent HOURS cleaning this mess:

I looked at this sink and said, 'Hey hon, can we get a new sink top? This one is super gross' (their stuff is on the sink. NOT mine)

'Oh, and a new light fixture. This one is older than me.' (Their gross stuff on the shelves. Not mine)

After some thought, we decided to replace the vinyl floor since it was curling at the edges and it hadn't been cleaned in years.

So Chris tore out the floor... and the toilet... and the sink...and the shower doors while he was at it - the same shower doors I spent hours cleaning....

'Hey babe' he said, 'The shower pan has some hairline cracks. I would like to replace that too before it starts to leak.'

'Only if the total 'damage' in the bathroom will cost us under $100 OK.' I demanded.

I come home from feeding a co-workers cat and this is what's left of my shower...

No seriously. He tore out the whole shower.

'But babe' he said in a matter-of-fact voice, 'It NEEDED to be done'

I growled.

'Hey babe' he said while staring at the shower handles, 'I would prefer to have one knob for hot and cold. I hate using two. I just need to tear out this one wall I swear.'

'OK hon. No more than $200 OK.' I demanded again - raising his limit... barely.

'You know babe' he started again, 'I would really like to make shelves in the wall with the tile. I've got to tear out all three walls to do that. Oh, and I'd like to replace all the 1/2" water lines with 3/4" water lines so we can get more water pressure in here. I love you'

I held my tongue before slipping, 'Riiiiiiiight...'

This... is now our bathroom...

Can't find me? I'm in the fetal position sucking my thumb under our bed.


Lizzie said...

What a real go getter!!!

You should be proud (well, if you were rich anyway)!!!

sewcreative said...

I wish I were as rich as you guys so that I could do my bedroom. It's only been 26 years. Can I borrow some money?

Bekah said...

We ARE loaded. Loaded with good ideas... not loaded with money to fund them. ; )

Nicole McDonough said...

Aaron got quite a kick out of this last night. He was laughing pretty good:) At least someone found it amusing!

Bekah said...

Thanks for laughing at my pain!