Monday, February 5, 2007

Could you move the oxygen tank in the Living Room please?

Boy, I've had a horrible week that led to a horrible weekend.

First, I had a blow from the Feds. OK, maybe Fed's is an incorrect word for the IRS but saying the Fed's are after me just sounds better than some IRS guy is after me with glasses and a giant calculator. Makes me sound more... gansta'. Oh, because that's realistic. Pssh.

Second, I smacked myself in the face with the freezer door - HARD. Don't even ASK how I did it. I just did. I was DESPERATE to get the chocolate brownie ice cream. I think I broke my nose.

Third, my car was hit this weekend… twice. A minor skid across the front end and a dashing ding in the door but still… thanks for leaving a note! Do people ever leave notes?!??! I hope they walk around for the rest of their lives with a heavy conscience.

Forth, the house I was looking at sold. Two days after I noted it on my list, it was gone. Housing? Crash? Riiiiiight.

Fifth, the real icing on the cake, I got called for jury duty.

That's about when I started looking for a target on my back.

Don't hang around me right now. I'm bad luck.

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