Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I hate the Federal Government and the State of California…

Chris and I both recently received our W-2's so last night I decided to do our taxes.
After a brief estimation of how much we OWED, yes, OWED, I stopped breathing.

Upon finishing my final calculations, I started coughing blood.

Three THOUSAND six HUNDRED eighty two dollars.

Yup, $3,682.00

With an amount like that, one would assume we haven't been paying anything all year, but let me tell you friends, we paid more than the value of my CAR in taxes last year. They want this on TOP of that amount. We have nothing to claim, no kids, no write off's so we pay top dollar.

That check will hurt my soul to write.

What do I get for my money!?!?

Excuse my language, but, DAMN taxes!!

So for all those paying taxes this year...

Bend over.

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