Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Trouble is brewing…

For those who wonder why my driving habits are so horrible… I give you this...

I was driving along the freeway minding my own business and obeying the speed limit laws to some degree when this jerk in a truck cuts me off. I gave him the friendly 'don't tick me off' headlight flash - everyone knows this is a step under a honk - which trust me... is as nice as I get. In response, he slams on his brakes. Now, if you know me at all, you know I don't take that. Yes, I'm constantly one gas petal away from getting my own deluxe set of metal bracelets from the Highway Patrol. So I may have, you know, in theory, turned on my brights for 7 miles and honked my horn for nearly that long. You know, theoretically of course.

I'm not going to say exactly what happened over the next 12.37 miles, but the stupid truck driver ended up off the side of the freeway precariously close to a guardrail - his hazard lights blinking as his own little 'white flag' of surrender.

Unfortunately I forgot to mention the fact I was driving a company vehicle.

Afraid it would somehow come to bite me in the butt; I told my dad what happened - including the whole chasing the driver off the freeway part. I literally braced the table waiting for the backlash.

Instead, I got.

'Nice one Bekah! Someone has to teach those guys a lesson! I'll bet he never does that again!'

As if somehow, I'm making the world a better place.

He then launched into his own story... making mine look like child's play. So next time you ask why I'm such a bad driver, I'll point straight to my family tree. Did they find a mean driver gene in the human genome research?

And that my friends... is why there is NO Christian fish on my car - though I am considering putting a 'Democrat for Life' sticker on my car. I could make Republicans out of every San Diegan!

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