Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sorry... I think this is the longest note EVER. Apologies off the top. Thanks.

As the house hunt has officially begun, I have started to pick and choose my favorites for walk throughs on the weekend. Before work, during my lunch break, and after work I spend loads of time pouring through real estate websites. I have really begun to obsess... you just have no idea.

ANYWAY, I found an adorable house in a FANTASTIC neighborhood. It has a beautiful brand new pool that consumes most of the backyard space - and it's a GORGEOUS pool. Sparkling blue and everything. The inside of the house is lined with beautiful honey colored hardwood floors. Assuming I had found our dream house, I sent the info to Chris carefully including all the pictures, location, etc. His thoughts weren't quite what I expected.

"Wow, that's a lot of hardwood flooring" Was his short reply.

"Yeah, isn't it wonderful!!??!!" I couldn't hold back my excitement.

"Um. No. Hardwood floors are cold! And the pool in the ENTIRE backyard? No lawn?"

By then, I was getting kinda steamy. "We don't even own a lawnmower and you want a freaking lawn??!?! Didn't you play water polo? You should like pools!! And I'll have you know Mister, hardwood floors are more sanitary!"

Things went downhill from there.

I tend to get... 'passionate' about my beliefs. Some refer to it as 'anger', but I don't particularly like that word.

So I'm looking for a new husband. One who likes hardwood floors, likes pools, and has an allergic reaction to lawns.

Perhaps my anger, oops sorry, 'passion' was left over from an earlier conversation I had with our insurance agent. Chris was hit on his front end in a parking lot and the glorious retard who did it, didn't leave a note (Do they ever?!?!). I called our agent to discuss our coverage. She responded with a laugh and said, 'Of course you are covered! It's not like you went and hit your car yourself! No one does that!!'

That's about when I said, 'Um about that...'

The same weekend as the incident with the retard, Chris was moving furniture. Somehow the furniture broke and slammed into the side of Chris' truck, leaving a lovely dent.

I asked if that was also covered.

There was silence.

She finally seriously replied, 'We don't cover self inflicted damage.'


Money's a bit on the tight side with us with the whole house thing so if anyone knows a good repair place willing to do a two for one repair, let me know.

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