Monday, January 29, 2007

Oh the weekend...

Friday night the girls (Lindsey, Casey, Beth) and I went to see 'Catch and Release' while the boys saw 'Smoking Aces'. Our movie was fantastic - definitely beating out the significantly more violent boy choice. And ohhh the eye candy in that movie...

Saturday morning Chris and I attended our first golf class. Judges ruling? I suck. But with work, I hope to take down the sucky notch at least a little. The whole 'golf' stance/swing/etc. just feels awkward to me.

The house hunting...the first was an immediate no. If I could barely open a bedroom door from all the stuff inside (seriously, stuff no human should have), I'm just not interested! They told us they had been cleaning all day and I bit my tongue before I could interject and say, 'Exactly WHAT were you cleaning?' They looked hurt as we quickly escaped (before something fell on us and we were crushed) but I tried to smile apologetically as I ran past.

The second house was clearly photographed by someone who was a WIZ on Photoshop. The pictures made me think it could quite possibly be the house of our dreams but the reality was a smelly scary place. They evidently had a black cat, a fact they couldn't hide by all the black hair left behind. Apparently the cat preferred to use the carpet as a litter box. Eww.

The third house was our first jackpot of the day. Owned by Mister and Mrs. Clean, it was a sparkling white gem in a quiet neighborhood. Since it was most likely out of our price range, we dragged our feet and left.

The search continues this weekend.

Sunday after church Chris asked me why I don't sing loud enough to be heard. I explained that my father is totally tone deaf and I have a terrible fear of being awful and not knowing it. That's when he kindly said, 'Honey I've heard you sing before, you're great! I mean, you couldn't sing in front of the church or anything but definitely from the pews!' Gee thanks hon. Quiet singing it is! God can hear me.
After church we joined Lindsey and Johnny at the bridal bazaar. Why? First, because it's fun to hang out with them. Second, Hello!!?!? Free cake!

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