Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ahhhh Valentine’s Day…

I made Chris a memory photo book for Valentine’s Day. I put in dating pictures, engagement pictures, e-mails, wedding pictures, and vacation pictures. I had it bound in red leather and it came out pretty good. I’m sure he’s getting sick of those books. We have 4 now. 1 for Maui, 1 for San Fran, 1 for New York, and now 1 Memory Book.

I’m not sure what Chris is doing for me. On Monday he asked me not to look at the checking account website until after Valentine’s Day. Considering I look at it and balance our checkbook once (sometimes twice) a day, this is no small feat for me! That, and I have the patience of a five year old. Telling me the answer is one mouse click away is BEYOND tempting.

But I have been good. No peeking for me.

There are some seriously scary dealings happening in our bathroom. I smashed a spider yesterday morning but forgot to pick his body off the floor and flush him away. I came home and immediately went to pick him up and discovered… he was missing. This can only mean one of three truly terrible things. 1. He has a regenerative Wolverine type body and was able to recover from my heavy blows. 2. He was dead and 15 of his closest friends carried his body off for a funeral. Or 3. A BIGGER spider took him. Out of all the options I would hope for #1. I would hate to walk into the bathroom late at night and stumble across 15 vengeful angry spiders or worse, a huge one with a taste for blood, hungry for my toe. Please, please, please let me find a very injured spider to flush away!


Nicole McDonough said...

Sounds like you need to find a new place to live:) Ha, Ha!

Bekah said...

Hey hey hey now!! We are moving out... eventually.